VR Combat Simulator Onward get a small patch to polish the spectating side of the game, in preparation of the Oculus Connect 5 eSport tournament. The gameplay around the drone, introduced in August, is slightly reworked with now unlimited hacking per round. A few fixes and improvements are also part of the package.

  • Competitive Cast/Stream: New UI
  • Competitive Cast/Stream: Added “-novr” launch parameter to launch the game without VR. This only allows you to join games as a spectator
  • Player IK: Added crouched taking a knee animation state
  • VR Spectate: Enabled grenade trails
  • Frag Grenade: Now damages Drones
  • Smoke Grenade: Improved performance
  • Tablet: Increased spacing between “Send” and “Clear” buttons on send uplink screen (prevent accidental clearing)
  • Tablet Hacking: Successful hacking shows enemy locations for 11 seconds (same as before). However, after that timer has expired, you can now hack tablets again to regain the 11 second enemy locations (previously limited to hacking only once ever in a round)


  • Ballistic Shield: Now lerps rotation faster


  • Radio: Fixed not hearing teammate radio voices for a while after being revived
  • Player IK: Various fixes to unhealthy humans
  • Player IK: Suburbia, players on 2nd floor no longer are visible from 1st floor when prone
  • Tablet Hacking: Fixed being able to hack being inconsistent. If a volk player got downed before they ever touched their tablet, their tablet would incorrectly be un-hackable
  • Tablet Hacking: Fixed enemy locations being visible again when swapping hands with tablet
  • Competitive: Fixed objectives not mirroring when host was swapped
  • Ballistic Shield: Fixed swapping hands back and forth rapidly lagging game
  • Suburbia: When spectating, bushes by garage/basketball hoop will no longer be invisible
  • Uplink: Fixed uplink code incorrectly displaying “0000000” for some users
  • Player: Fixed network players spawning with all headgear on
  • Player: Fixed network players spawning with incorrect team skin
  • Player: Fixed being unable to move if in contact with another player when they disconnected.
  • Gun: Fixed network gun positions stuttering when held only by barrel/foregrip
  • Frag Grenade: Fixed laying on a frag to block damage to others not being reliable
  • Tutorial: Fixed empty mags auto-holstering when dropped
  • Tent: Fixed taser shoot particles playing


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