Patch 1.14 for CMANO is out.  Among major changes are submarine gameplay improvements, ahead of Silent Service release. Among various things, torpedo reacquisition, cavitation management…. Various improvements are implemented, Database is getting extended, simulation performance is improved. Along with this, some work has been done to contact tracking. You can now have history on who detected a contact and with what sensor.  Also, you can mark an uncertain contact to keep track of his potential location.

They are many more changes, make sure to read the patch log below to take full advantage in your next operation !










Version 1.14 changelog

• Substantial performance boost on both user interface and simulation-core execution.

• Configuration files (*.ini) are now automatically consolidated at the [CMANO]\Config folder for easier management.

• New feature: Contact recent detections, ie. a list of the most recent successful sensor detections on a given contacts, showing who detected it and how. Example:
Clicking on the sensor name brings up the DB viewer page of the carrier platform and highlights the sensor stats. Clicking on the detector platform name selects the platform and centers the map on it.
This can be quite useful in situations where it is not clear which of multiple units actually detected a contact (e.g. a surface group tracking a target) or in cases where it is desirable to understand which of multiple different sensors can actually hold the contact (quite common e.g. in submarine & ASW operations).

• New feature: “Mark contact position” function on contact context-menu (right click on contact, select “mark contact position”). This can be useful when tracking contacts with uncertainty areas for a protracted duration (e.g. ESM, passive sonar etc.) and want to retain an on-map track of their estimated locations over time.

• New feature: Speed/Altitude window addition: “Do Not Cavitate” (Valid for ships & submarines only). When this is enabled, the crew AI automatically stops short of stepping into the cavitation speed for the given depth. The preference is ignored when the platform is evading a weapon (captains in this condition usually do not give a high priority to avoiding cavitation…).

• Users can now define circle-area in addition to existing rectangle-area (right click on empty map location).

• UI addition: Display radar, jammer and sonar operating bands on DB viewer

• UI addition: When displaying a weapon on DB Viewer, show platforms that carry it by default. Also, clicking on any of the platform names navigates to this platform.

• ADDED: UI request: Auto-focus on main map and secondary windows when mouse cursor enters them (ie. no need to mouse-click in order to focus)

• ADDED: UI request: Clicking on empty space at map should not clear current unit/contact selection

• ADDED: “Course preview” (dashed arrow) when plotting a new course

• “Special Actions” window tweak: Show the SA description when hovering over an SA.

• Added: Ability to set Sprint-Drift and “Avoid Cavitation” behavior as waypoint order.

• Map tweak: Smoothened the outer edge of the pier-lane areas

• Improved user feedback on impacts of weapons with submunitions

• Standalone message log window can now be minimized/maximized

• ADDED: List spotted hosted aircraft in target list on Manual Weapon Allocation window (e.g. “Aircraft Shelter #2 – 2x Su-24MK Fencer D [Detected: 20 secs ago]”)

• When a submarine slows down in order to maintain its torpedo guidance wires intact, the word “WIRE” is shown under the submarine icon on the map (example:


• New feature: All torpedoes with terminal guidance, plus a few modern missiles, are now able of re-attacking if they are successfully jammed/decoyed just prior to impact, or if they fail their hit-or-miss check. In the latter case, the weapon must also pass a reliability check, with the chance of a dud being ¼ of the original PoH.
(For example, a torpedo attacks with a PoH of 80% and misses. The weapon can re-attack, but must first pass a reliability check with a 20% chance of failing (80% * 0.25). If the check fails, the torpedo is a dud. If the check succeeds, the torpedo can proceed to re-attack either the same target or anyone else it acquires.)
If the weapon is eligible for re-attack, it passes right over/under the target and begins a spiral search until it is able to re-acquire a target (or runs out of fuel).

• New feature: Torpedo wire breakage. Submarines, in addition to their “standard” turn rate, now also have a “crash” turn rate (+25% of nominal) which is used only for weapon evasion. If a sub is controlling wire-guided torpedoes while it makes a crash turn or while its speed is over 10 knots, the guidance wires may break, with the weapons going autonomous.
(The player does not need to manage this manually. AI-controlled subs guiding torpedoes always stay within the wire limits automatically unless they come under weapon attack, in which case they ignore the wire limits and go all-out.)

• New feature: Cargo pickup. Currently works only with aircraft (helos and VTOLs), and is manual-ordered only (no mission-driven behaviors as yet). To perform it, right-click on a suitable aircraft and select “Select unit(s) for pickup”. The cursor will change to a targeting crosshair and you can select one or more target units from which to pick up cargo-type mounts, if they have (for example, to order a helicopter to pick troops from a mobile ground unit). Once it has picked up cargo, the aircraft can be ordered to RTB, and upon landing it will unload the cargo to its host unit.

• New feature: “Flaming datum” (probable sub contact) special detection mode. When a ship gets hit by a torpedo that has been completely undetected (not uncommon even today, if the ship does not have sonar or AIR systems), a “probable sub” contact is generated at the point of impact. Nearby ASW-tasked assets can then commence their search for the presumed submarine to try to fix and prosecute her.

• Changes in submarine damage model: Only HEAT warheads (certain modern lightweight ASW-oriented torpedoes have them) can penetrate a submarine’s hull when it is submerged. All other ASW impacts result in a detonation right outside the hull, and damage via shock. This generates more realistic ASW damage results; for example depth-charge and ASW-rocket attacks (RBU-XXX / Hedgehog / Limbo / Weapon-Alpha etc.)

• Navigation tweak: Check for obstacles between current position and next waypoint even if it’s a pathfinding waypoint

• Ferry mission can now also be used for ships and submarines. (Should make it easier to model civ/neutral traffic)

• Ship ASW AI tweaks: If the plotted localization course is invalid (not inside AoU anymore or the AoU has been erased), remove it and try again

• Added ASW-localization logic to ship ASW maneuvering (ported from aircraft equivalent)

• Various improvements on mission planner AI

• ARM logics improvements: better separation of weapons with/without ARM target-memory

• Laser weapons are now capable against any missile targets, including SAMs/AAMs


• New ScenEdit feature: “Chance of appearance” (Right click on unit in ScenEdit –> Scenario Editor –> Chance of appearance). This allows setting easily the chance of a unit actually showing up on the next scenario load (at normal-play mode). Units that fail the appearance check are discarded permanently. Applies to platforms only (not weapons).

• When exporting facilities using .inst files, boats berthed in these facilities are retained. This is makes it easy to preserve nominal fleet ORBATs for specific historical periods (e.g. which ships were berthed in Norfolk on June 15, 2006).

• UI tweak on “Scenario time and duration” window: Added “Copy from current date & time” button for the scenario-start values (So once you have the proper current date & time set up, you can quickly copy them to the “scenario start” fields).

• Lua Event: Detected unit in area (using contact as the source of the ‘in area’ checks rather than actual unit. This enables the event to be dropped when contact is dropped)

• Improved user feedback on SBR errors

• ADDED: Min/Max target range for ships/subs/facilities/land-units on strike mission (e.g. “intercept and engage only targets within 200nm of your position”)

• ADDED: The mission editor can now define how many aircraft in a patrol will investigate & engage contacts, as well as wingmen behavior:
This helps the AI to deal more intelligently with probes, feints, decoy attacks etc., and avoid over-allocating assets on a few targets at the expense of others.

• Event trigger: updated UnitDetected to include detection area (This is inline with the Lua trigger option)

• [Lua] DeleteUnit: added option to delete group’s units too
• [Lua] Enable custom GUID for satellites
• [Lua] You can set a unit’s sprint-and-drift status through Lua.
• [Lua] Allow throttle ‘hover’ and corrected manual speed/altitude

As always, detailed up-to-date Lua documentation is available at


• Includes rebuilt & updated versions of all official standalone & DLC scenarios.

• The full series of “Uncle Mark’s Tutorials” scenarios are now included in the tutorials

• Bart Gauvin’s “Strike Tutorial” scenarios are now included in the tutorials, and can be played either individually or as a campaign (Start Menu –> Campaign).

DB3000 additions:

– AGM-88 AARGM updates
– Swiss F/A-18C 4xAMRAAM + 2xAIM-9X + FLIR loadout
– Suggested AESA changes
– F-35 “Beast Mode” loadouts & revision of existing loadouts
– DB3000: Hornet LRASM and JSM loadouts
– Correct APY-8 stats (GMTI etc.)
– Update helo loadouts in scenarios with Ticos/Burkes with updated Mk54 torp mags
– Falklands War: Argie aircraft need retarded bombs: BRP-250 on AF A-4s and Daggers

CWDB additions:

Spitfire F. Mk IX — France (Air Force), 1945-1951
Morane-Saulnier MS-500 — Laos (Air Force)
Morane-Saulnier MS-500 — Switzerland (Air Force)
Morane-Saulnier MS-500 — South Vietnam [-1975] (Air Force)
Morane-Saulnier MS-500 — Morocco (Air Force)
Morane-Saulnier MS-500 — Cambodia (Air Force)
Morane-Saulnier MS-500 — France (Navy)
Morane-Saulnier MS-500 — France (Air Force)
Morane-Saulnier MS-500 — France (Army)
HH-3A “Big Mother” — United States (Navy), 1963
HH-3C/E “Jolly Green Giant” — United States (Air Force), 1963
CH-3C “Jolly Green Giant” — United States (Air Force), 1962
AP-2G/H Neptune — United States (Navy), 1964-1975
A-6C Intruder — United States (Navy), 1970, -TRIM
MiG-21R Fishbed H — Soviet Union [-1991] (Long Range Aviation [DA]), 1970
MiG-21R Fishbed H — Soviet Union [-1991] (Air Defence Troops [PVO]), 1970
MiG-21R Fishbed H — Soviet Union [-1991] (Frontal Aviation [VVS]), 1970
SH-2F Seasprite LAMPS I — United States (Navy), 1975
Tu-22KD Blinder B — Soviet Union [-1991] (Naval Aviation [AV-MF]), 1967
Tu-22KD Blinder B — Soviet Union [-1991] (Long Range Aviation [DA]), 1967
T-6 Texan — Spain (Air Force), 1959, C.6 in Spainish Service

Mech Recon Sec (Jeep [7.62mm M2 .30 Cal]) — Spain (Army)
Inf Plt (Army) — Spain (Army)
Inf 81mm Mortar Section — Spain (Marines)
Inf 120mm Mortar Section — Spain (Army)
Inf 12.7mm Support Sec — Spain (Army)
Inf 12.7mm Support Plt — Spain (Army)
Inf 7.62mm MG Support Sec — Spain (Army)
Inf 7.62mm MG Support Plt — Spain (Army)
Arty Bty (155mm/23 M109A2 Self-Propelled Howitzer x 6) — Spain (Army)
Guerrilla Katyusha 140mm Sec — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Guerrilla Katyusha 140mm Section — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Guerrilla Katyusha 132mm Section — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Guerrilla Katyusha 132mm Battery — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Guerrilla Katyusha 132mm Sec — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Mech Inf Plt (AT-1 Snapper IFV) — Syria (Army), 1970
de Lattre Line Bunker (105mm) — France (Army)
Arty Bty (105mm/22 M101 Towed Howitzer x 6) — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Armored Recon (M8 Greyhound) — France (Army)
Armored Plt (M5A1 Stuart) — France (Army)
Arty Bty (M8 HMC Self-Propelled Howitzer x 3) — France (Army)
Armored Plt (M-24 Chaffee) — France (Army)
Inf 12.7mm Support Sec — France (Army)
Inf 12.7mm Support Plt — France (Army)
Inf 81mm Mortar Section — France (Army)
Inf 60mm Mortar Section — France (Army)
Inf 120mm Mortar Section — France (Army)
Inf 7.62mm MG Support Sec — France (Army)
Inf 7.62mm MG Support Plt — France (Army)
Inf Plt (Colonial Infantry) — France (Army)
Mech Recon Sec (Jeep [7.62mm M2 .30 Cal]) — France (Army)
Mech Recon Sec (M-3 Mk. A APC) — Israel (Army)
Mech Inf Plt (BTR-60PB APC) — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Mech Inf Plt (BTR-50 APC x 4) — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Mech Inf Plt (BTR-40 APC) — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Mech Inf Plt (BTR-152 APC) — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Armored Plt (IS-3 MBT x 3) — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Armored Plt (IS-2 MBT x 3) — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Guerrilla Katyusha 140mm x 1 — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Anti-Tank Sect SPG-9 recoilless rifle (77mm) — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Anti-Tank Sect SPG-9 recoilless rifle (77mm) — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Anti-Tank Sect B-10 recoilless rifle (82mm) — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Inf 12.7mm Support Sec — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Inf 7.62mm MG Support Sec — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Arty Bty (122mm/38 D-30 2A18 Towed Howitzer x 6) — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Arty Bty (152mm/25 D-20 M1955 Howitzer x 6) — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Arty Bty (152mm/25 D-1 Towed Howitzer x 6) — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Arty Bty (BM-21 Grad MLRS x 6) — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Arty Bty (BM-13 Katyusha x 6) — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Inf 81mm Mortar Section — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Inf 120mm Mortar Section — North Vietnam [-1975] (Army)
Building (Sports Stadium) — Generic (Generic)
Building (Very Large Leadership Compound) — Generic (Generic), Church, Mosque, Temple, Synagogue, Gurdwara, etc.
Building (Place of Worship) — Generic (Generic), Church, Mosque, Temple, Synagogue, Gurdwara, etc.
Bunker (Ace High Tropographic radio transmitter) — Generic (Generic)
SAM Bty (CIM-10B Bomarc) 56 Launchers — United States (Air Force), 1960-1972
SAM Bty (CIM-10B Bomarc) 48 Launchers — United States (Air Force), 1960-1972
Armored Plt (AMX-30E MBT) — Spain (Army)
SAM Bty (Nike Hercules) — Spain (Air Force)
Radar (AN/TPS-43C) — Spain (Air Force)
Armored Plt (M-48A1 MBT) — Spain (Army)
Armored Plt (M-48 MBT) — Spain (Army)
Armored Plt (M-47 MBT) — Spain (Army)
Armored Plt (M-47 MBT) — United States (Army)
Mech Mortar Plt (M125A1 81mm Mortar) — Israel (Army), 1970
Mech Mortar Plt (M113 Keshet 120mm Mortar) — Israel (Army), 1970
Arty Bty (105mm/37 M7 Priest SP Gun) — Israel (Army), 1960

DE-263 Hatsuhi [Cannon Class] — Italy (Navy), 1955-1975
DE-262 Asahi [Cannon Class] — Italy (Navy), 1955-1975
F-492 Andromeda [Cannon Class] — Italy (Navy), 1951-1969
F-491 Altair [Cannon Class] — Italy (Navy), 1951-1970
F-490 Aldebaran [Cannon Class] — Italy (Navy), 1951-1976
F-72 Kang Won [Cannon Class] — South Korea (Navy), 1957-1977
DE-1 Din Klao [Cannon Class] DE-1 Din Klao DE-1 Din Klao — Thailand (Navy), 1960
D 212 Aetos [Cannon Class] — Greece (Navy), 1951-1997
F-01 Algerien [Cannon Class] — France (Navy), 1944-1964
F-23 T’ai Ho — Taiwan (Navy), 1948-1972, -Cannon Class
AGP 1176 Graham County — United States (Navy), 1965-1975
D 212 Kanaris [Gearing FRAM I] — Greece (Navy), 1972
D 544 Aviere — Italy (Navy), 1951-1970, AA Modification 1945
Fairmile B — Israel (Navy), 1948
HDML — Israel (Navy), 1948
K 26 Nogah — Israel (Navy), 1954

BM-14-17 [Grad] 140mm Rocket
37 mm Gun M6 HE
37 mm Gun M6 AP
75mm M1A1 HE
Thunderbox Mk1 [WC]
Cargo [No Drop, 200kg]
LAU-68 2.75″ FFAR — HE
LAU-59 2.75″ FFAR — HE
LAU-19 2.75″ FFAR — HE
LAU-59 2.75″ FFAR — WP
LAU-68 2.75″ FFAR — WP
LAU-19 2.75″ FFAR — WP
LAU-68 2.75″ FFAR — HEAT
LAU-59 2.75″ FFAR — HEAT
LAU-19 2.75″ FFAR — HEAT
LAU-3 2.75″ FFAR — HEAT
LAU-3 2.75″ FFAR — WP
HYDRA 70mm Rocket — HEAT
HYDRA 70mm Rocket — WP
M1A frag CB [6 X 20lb fragmentation bomblet]
M32 CB [108 x AN-M50A3 bomblets] — Incendiary
M35 CB [57 x M74A1 1.3 lb PT1 bomblets] — Incendiary
M31 CB [38 x M74 1.3 lb, 2.32 in spherical PT1 bomblets] — Incendiary
CBU-30 tear gas bomb [1280 x BLU-39/B CS Bomblets]
CBU-57/A – CB [132 x BLU-69/B 1.6 lb incendiary clusters, anti-personnel]
CBU-25/A – CB [132 x BLU-24/B 1.6 lb frag (HE) clusters, anti-personnel,]
CBU-14/A -CB [132 x BLU-3/B 1.75 lb frag (HE) clusters]
QRC-490 Chaff Pod — Aircraft
TRIM Pod — A-6C
BLU-11/B Incendiary Bomb
BLU-10/B Incendiary Bomb
BLU-1/B Incendiary Bomb
AS-5 Kelt [KSR-2M, ASM] — Egypt
105mm Mle F2 APFSDS-T
INTA BL-1 [30 x 81mm Grenades]
10kg GPB — Generic
Pilatus 80 mm Oerlikon rocket


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