Eagle Dynamics has published an update today. Main lines are the addition of an improved Aim-9P5, fix of floodlights on planes, several M2000 corrections. Update is affecting both Open Beta and Release version.

DCS update 1 today in release.

DCS World

  • Multiplayer. Server list sorting restored
  • GUI. Menu music will not restarts when changing activity in the menu
  • GUI. AIM-9M/P will be available in payload panel
  • AIM-9P updated 3D model
  • AIM-9P5 missile was introduced. The missile has more advanced, all-aspect guidance seeker compared to the 9P variant.
  • Su-25T. ECM will not work without ECM pod installed
  • Track IR. Add option “TrackIR external views” enable/disable
  • Track IR. Vertical angle origin takes into account
  • GUI. Open/save dialogs will work faster
  • Input. Cell with keyboard/joystick combo will able to select after axis command has been assigned
  • US pilot 3D models was removed from Kuznetsov carrier
  • Flood light in cockpits restored
  • Video recording function restored
  • A-10’s AIM-9 missile mount corrected
  • Mortars will fire
  • Encyclopedia. Added some new weapon articles
  • Power lines restored
  • ATGM Vikhr will not be drop out of guidance channel with sidewind

DCS M-2000 by RAZBAM

  • EFM Fix. Aerobraking while landing
  • PCA Fix. Radar stuck in TAS on weapons change.
  • INS Fixes. Next/Prev Waypoint key bind
  • INS. ENC (Auto Navigation) Button: Activates/Deactivates automatic waypoint update.
  • INS. Keybinds for BAD, REC, MRQ, VAL and ENC.
  • INS. MRQ selection as navigation waypoint
  • INS. MRQ waypoint save
  • INS. BAD (Offset) Navigation
  • VTB. Weapons load display
  • Cockpit. New model
  • Cockpit. New textures

DCS Ka-50

  • Aircraft repair will working on FARP

DCS MiG-15bis

  • Missions converted to multilanguage


  • Missions converted to multilanguage

DCS Hawk by VEAO

  • Falling-out-the-sky issue resolved


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