Polychop released a serie of screenshot about the upcoming Gazelle extention. It will feature SA-341 equipped with Cannon and SNEB launcher, but they also confirmed Mistral version and sniper version.

Development Update 16.05.2016

Dear Simmers,

almost 4 weeks after the Gazelle release, we’re still busy improving things on our module to give you the best
flight expirences possible. We also like to take the change to say thank you to all of you for the positive feedback 🙂
Speaking of that, we improved our FM, based on additional feedbacks of real Gazelle Combat pilots – and of course, we also fix
the issues based on your feedbacks. We also will create a video on how to create bugs effectively.

The main fixes are:

  • no more skid sliding when taking off
  • improved Curve behaviour
  • Rudder sensitivity

and a few other things like Rudders to be assigned to the keyboard and switching off the Co-Pilot’s body

We’re on a good way to deliver you with the free addon which features the GIAT Gun, Rocket pod, Mistral and the Sniper Team in
the rear compartmant. In the last days we made some testings on the new peacemakers -> only gun and rocket. Everything is WIP.





About the Gazelle Mistral :


mistral-gazelleBeside the Anti Tank and the FireSupport version, the Gazelle has also been equipped with the Infrared Anti Air missile “Mistral”. The Mistral is a polyvalent missile used in a whole lot of application :  ManPAD, dedicated SAM vehicle, Ship close range defense and…. helicopter version 🙂

The missile has a 6 kilometers range, with a speed of Mach 2.6

More about this weapon : Wikipedia page


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