qw 787_10153249709504639_7936076500480451964_oQuality Wings, a U.S. based software developer, specializing in addons of Microsoft Flight Simulator X, continues work on it’s “Ultimate 787 Dreamliner Collection” project, which when completed will feature severral variants of Boeing’s new generation jetliner, the 787-8 ,Dash 9 and Dash 10 , with GEnx and Roll  Royce Trent 1000 powerplants available.

The FSX addon when complete will offer a working HUD, like the real deal, ad feature a dynamic fly-by-wire flight controls with all systems accurately modeled and will have first rate animations and graphics. Further development updates will be forthcoming as they become available and more info can be found at: www.qualitywingssim.com/787.html.


qw 787-8787_qw10153353208999639_8154345413035666885_o


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