Razbam Simulation released the early access version of their AV-8B Harrier for DCS World. Available in Patch 1.5.8 for OpenBeta, this iconic aircraft features Vertical Take Off & Landing capability. This is the first jet in DCS with this function – we will likely see a lot of broken wings near landing pads tonight! This aircraft was highly awaited by the community and bring the number of playable toys to 27. Don’t hesitate to record and show your first VTOL landing on our Facebook group !  The Patch changelog is available here.

The weapon list:

  • AIM-9M
  • MK-81
  • MK-82 in various format
  • MK-20 Rockeye
  • GBU-12
  • GBU-16
  • BDU-33
  • AGM-65D/E/K/H
  • AGM-122 Sidearm
  • Various Rocket launchers.




Razbam is a seasoned Flight Simulator X aircraft studio – where they already have a large catalog, primarily cold war jets. Thanks to Eagle Dynamics third party program, they expanded their operations to DCS World, releasing the Mirage 2000-C last year and the Harrier today.


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