Razbam Released Mig-19P For the combat flight Simulation: DCS World.

The jet is currently available in openbeta, and for 49.99$ you will be able to enjoy this piece of Soviet aviation history. Note that bonus you may have collected applies. The jet can be purchased on this page. You can find the full patch changelog here.


Although not a modern jet, the new addition will please the growing fan of eastern technologies. With this new toy, the Mig line is now well representative of the progression of Soviet aviation, as the Mig-15, 21 and 29 are already modeled in-game. Even the infamous Mig-28 being modeled, we can now dream of a Mig-27!

Razbam has been highly criticized for the status of their Mirage-2000 at release. The message has been heard and Razbam promised a polished release, while continuing to fix and upgrade their previous two modules.

Under the hood

The Mig-19P Farmer was developed in the fifties as an upgrade of the Mig-17 and entered service in 1955. The supersonic interceptor is equipped with two afterburning turbojet engines, it can reach speeds up to 1370kph at 10.000m. The sensor suite includes Mark.1 Eyeballs and RP-05 Emerald Radar, capable to detect targets up to 11km, depending on size. The radar will prove useful during guns fight, as it will help you getting a firing solution on your target.
In order to defend the motherland, the jet comes with the following weapons:

  • Two glorious 30mm cannon loaded with Stalini
  • Two R-3S Air-Air Missiles
  • up to 32x 57mm S-5 HE Rockets in 4 ORO-57 Pods
  • Unguided Bombs

The Jet is equiped with an archaic RWR which will warn you if something behind you radiate. While useless in a modern environment, it may save your day if an F-5 or F-86 is trying to gun you down while using their radar for ranging


The Soviet Factor

The Mig-19P Farmer has a strange fit in the DCS sphere. Much more modern than the Mig-15, it will slaughter the F-86 with ease due to its superior speed. However, it is far below the F-5E in terms of sensors and weapons. So- How does it fit in DCS World?

First, it will appeal to fans of Soviet aviation engineering. The cold war gave birth to some interesting aviation development on both side of the world, and fortunately we can now revive this in DCS World. While there is a large crowd of US jets fans, there is a large, growing fanbase of “blue cockpits” jets. Some people have a fetish for cockpits filled with hundreds of archaic switches, smelling vodka and feeling indestructible… And the Mig-19P will bring them a fresh dose of Stalinium.

In parallel, whatever design you fall for, aerial combat in the cold war is an interesting experience. Exit Autopilot and missiles that have more range than a Mig-21. This is about flying in the unknown and eventually dogfight it. Like the other cold war jets released before her, every Mig-19P flight will be an adventure. No GPS to tell your position, no data-link to provide an instant Situation Awareness, you will have to do the job yourself. From navigation to dogfight, you will have to master a whole range of skills to make it successfully,.But once you landed…. the rewarding effect of completing your mission is way more intense than a humanless, distant kill with an autonomous Amraam.

In DCS World, the Farmer may change the cards in the cold war multiplayer servers. The Mig-21 Fishbed is at trouble in dogfights against the F-5E, however, the Farmer is sensibly more maneuverable and will likely be a good match for the F-5. The same manoeuvers that give an advantage to the F-5 may prove an error against the Mig-19P. The R-3S may achieve a bit of success against targets flying casually around, unsuspecting the Farmer presence, but may be very limited against the flares and maneuverability of the F-5E. However, the 30mm will shred the Tiger into little pieces without much trouble if it gets in the six.

We wish Razbam a succesful release and hope to see many Mig-19 around the servers !


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