Eagle Dynamics published a screenshot of the S-75 Dvina on their facebook page. Known by NATO pilots as the SA-2 Guideline, This very capable SAM system was the backbone of the Georgian Region Air Defense, alongside the SA-3/S-125.  This defense system was massively deployed in the 60’s, and was involved in several known case, such as the destruction of Garry Powers’s U2 in 1960.

The launcher has received many missiles thru its history, and it isn’t known which one will be modelled. Depending on the missile version, the SAM battery is capable of engaging targets up to 56km/30Nmi. With this addition, that’s one more target for the Harrier pilots to play with their AGM-122 Sidearm !


An Egyptian SA-2 surface-to-air missile control radar set in operation during the multinational joint service exercise Bright Star ’85.




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