Shahdoh has launched an online campaign for WW2 Pilot. It is a turn based campaign where axis and allied pilot can launch attack at each others, Shadoh manually keeping track of assets and targets results.  The first mission has been played last week, with the second being played last night.  You can find more information about this campaign here

Here is the first week report :


Axis & Allies DCS World Style!

Week 1 Status Report

Tensions between the Axis (Nalchik) and Allies (Mozdok) finally boiled over today and they have gone to war!

The Allies sent in two waves of bombers to the Axis industrial center. Axis fighters were able to repel some of the first wave, even shooting one down, but some still were able to drop their bombs. The 2nd wave of bombers faired much better and between the two, succeeded in doing some decent damage to the Axis industrial center. Allied fighters also commenced a rocket attack on some facilities and aircraft at Nalchik airbase. Several of the fighters were shot down by base defenses, but not before they were able to do some light damage to the field.

The Axis sent in a large group of bombers to attack the enemy airfield at Mozdok. Allied fighters and flak diverted a couple, but the main group was able to push through and deliver a devastating attack. A majority of the facilities at the base have been demolished, severely hampering the Allies ability to repair their aircraft. Also, the Axis fighters were able to shoot down several of the Allied fighters in the process. To add insult to injury, two Axis bombers performed a low level sneak attack on the Allied industrial center. Only light damage was done, but it capped off a very effective attack by the Axis units.

Flak units from both sides ruled the day as not a single bomber returned to base without some kind of hole in it. The maintenance crews for both sides will be very busy to get them back in the air for the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for media coverage of the attacks.

campaign status


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