wCTdyHUArchimaede, from the Hoggit Community, has announced that in parralel of their A-4 Skyhawk, they were working on a A-1H Skyraider. The Skyraider is a plane fielded in 1946 and that have gone thru both the Korean and Vietnam war. It is a ground attack plane with some heavy payload capacity, it can be considered as the A-10 ancestor as it proven survivable and deadly armed.

It will be a perfect addition to Korean and Vietnam Period servers !




Hello everyone.

As some of you might know, I’ve been working on modding in DCS for a while now. I’m also a member of the hoggitDev team, with whom we’re working on bringing the A-4E to DCS. You can check out our work here. I can also tell you that this month’s update is going to be a big one!

I’m happy to announce that I am now also working on a fully functionnal Douglas A-1H Skyraider.

o6CKEnnThe A-1 Skyraider (originally named AD-1) is a prop driven, carrier based, attack aircraft. It’s propelled by the 18 cylinder R3350 engine, the biggest piston engine ever mounted on a single engine aircraft. The Skyraider is fitted with 15 hardpoints to carry its payload. It could actually carry a bigger bomb load than a B-17! But its payload wasn’t limited to bombs, it also included rocket pods, gun pods, cluster bomb dispensers, flare dispensers, nuclear bombs, fuel tanks, refuelling pods, etc… There was a saying that if something was used by the US Navy, it has been carried by a Skyraider at some point. The aircraft is also fitted with four 20mm cannons and a total of 800 rounds.

qGzh7uLWith its impressive capability and its historical use, I think that the A-1 will fit perfectly within DCS, especially for the Korea and Vietnam wars era.

This particullar model will be an A-1H (AD-6), which was build at 700+ units. It was used both by the US Navy, the USAF and the VNAF. I’m aiming for late 60s / early 70s avionics, which was roughly the period of the transition of the aircraft between the 3 listed corps.




Features will include :

  • Highly detailled aircraft model, including both the exterior and interior of the aircraft.
  • Highly detailled damage model.
  • Highly detailled cockpit model.
  • Clickable 6 DOF cockpit and accurately simulated instruments and avionics.
  • Accurate flight model, including the flight behaviour of the aircraft and its R-3350-26WB engine.
  • Accurate weapon load.





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