1C published a few screen of their art asset on their Facebook page. Building models for Tank Crew are getting ready, and the visual is stunning. From an engine initially develloped for a flight simulation, it is impressive. The building’s level of detail is comparable, if not better, than what could be seen in Armed Assault 2.

Today we present you the almost final look of these buildings and later we’ll show you the new tech we’ll be using to simulate their partial destruction. Nearly all the latest tech available in our project have been used to create them.

Rise of Flight fans, rejoice! The iconic Sopwith Camel is due this Autumn, alongside the Pfalz D.IIIa. The aircraft is capable of carrying 4 bombs, bringing some variety to the game. Can’t wait to see the little plane flying thru time to storm collumns of Panzer 4 !

Along with this, 1C revealed the 3D model for the US pilot. They intend to increase the detail count compared to the original IL2 models.



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