Bring on the Vodka ! A team with background in aerospace and simulators  announced working on Mig-19 and Mig-23. They are looking into getting a licence to develop modules for DCS. If this happens, it would brings some serious Soviet planes into the games.  They are also looking for someone to assist with 3D. Arts are already been worked, and here is some screens for you !

Again, they are looking into licencing with TFC/ED, so it is far from being confirmed. But one can hope !



Ok, brief and simple:

I´m part of a team of three people that would like to ask for a third party license to develop modules for DCS.

What make us think that we can?

1) One of us is an aerospace engineer with acces to data about several aicraft and have real world experience on them.
2) Two of us know how to code in C++ and have worked on military simulators before.

The problem is, we used to have a fourth person, a 3d artist, but after some time and many words but zero work, we are looking for a new one.

If somebody is interested and have the knowledge, please PM me to get into detail.

Hope that was brief.





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