Squad Patch 10 isn’t far away, and OffWorld Industries has prepared a presentation of its key features. Several changes are being worked out, and the whole spirit of the patch will be to make the game leaning more toward realism. In a nutshell, the key domains are:

  • Infantry movement will be more realistic and restrictive. Sprinting will penalize your aiming capability and movement will be slightly slower. Additionally, entering and exiting vehicle will no longer be instant.
  • Weapon use has also been reworked. While weapon will now have adjustable sights, scoped sight will have reduced peripherical vision to prevent unrealistic detection. Weapons size will also be taken into account – using your rifle in tight spaces will not always work.
  • Machine Gunner class is added into the game. Either with M240B or PKM depending on the side, the class will be able to deliver some big rounds into the enemy squads. Furthermore, bipod system are being implemented in the game.

They are many details being worked on, you can read the full report here


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