We are a month before planned release of Steel Beast Pro 4.0, and eSim games is having an information flow getting thru their forum.

The biggest headline of this week is the addition of the playable M60TTS tank. The M60 is a cold war era tank fielded by the US in the 60tys, and stayed their primary tank until the introduction of the M1 Abrams. It has received many upgrade thru his life, and is still active in many armies.


Other information include the upgrade of the engineer gameplay, adding coppertina wire and several engineers vehicle. Terrain is also now more bumpy with suspension animation.


  1. Look’s like the A3 alright. I was assigned as an instructor at Delta Company , 1st AIT/OSUT Brigade at Ft.Knox, Ft. Knox KY, and I participated in the training some the last ‘Patton’ crews. Ironically, my instructor group were trained by Canadian Armored Cadre, who had in turn been trained by American instructors crews. I remember being blown away by the Tank Thermal Sight. It did not matter that it was a ‘black& white monochrome image. It was fantastic.

    The TTS wasn’t the only innovation. The A3 also had Gyro-Stabilized Gunnery which permits the vehicle to fire and move simultaneously while the Main Gun maintained the same spatial orientation.


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