The Tactical Air War multiplayer campaign is over. After the German Luftwaffe won round 7, the Russian levelled the score in the final round. The campaign outcome is a 4:4 Draw!  With full realism setting and realistic/limited equipment, this is one of the most famous server in the IL2 multiplayer community.

Played continuously for over a month, the campaign featured 8 distinct rounds. These rounds features various plane set matching the war period and could be won by either attrition or conquering the map. The progress, along with a tactical map and each player’s statistics/inventory, is available on a dedicated website. The late war period of the campaign began with an even score (3-3). While the german dominated the earlier period, the VVS came around and win the 3 latter rounds.

You can learn more about the Tactical Air War campaign on their campaign page :

Round 7 and 8

Stalingrad besieged !

The seventh round, played in the Stalingrad map, featured the most advanced plane inventory. The round saw a lot of action around the frontline being pushed back and forth. At some point, the Germans made it to Stalingrad. History was flipped upside down, with the Luftwaffe being besieged in Stalingrad, while the Red Army pushed far beyond the Volga. Later in the round, the German would recover the territory and break the siege.  The Blue side won Round 7 by having the larger territory.

Round 8 was played on Kuban. Early on, airfields became a popular target and many of them were closed. Despite a strong push, the Luftwaffe failed short to conquer the map due to a lack of pilot. They lost their 900 pilots and therefore, lost the round.  This triggered another debate around chute killing, a practice that is not seen very well by most part of the community.

Compared to sensible german engines, Soviet aircrafts are more resistant to damage.


The future of the Tactical Air War:


While the TAW server community is discussing the campaign statistic in the campaign thread, we reached the server admin to get his impression about the campaign, and what the future will be made off. Also, if you appreciated this dynamic campaign and want to support the server, please consider a donation to help with the server costs!  Link is available on the campaign site.

A few words with the server team


We interviewed Kathon, one of the server admins, about the campaign and the future of the Tactical Air War :


  • Dear Kathon, First, thank you for all the efforts you and the TAW team put in the campaign. This was a great experience! With the campaign being over, I’ll start with the most obvious question: When can we battle on your server again?

We are glad you enjoined it. The new TAW campaign will start after the 3.001 update which brings many changes so we will have to perform some additional tests. Currently, revealed bugs are being fixed.


  • Airfields are an important, yet unforgiving target

    What do you think of the outcome, are you satisfied with the way the campaign ran?

In general yes, but there is always something to improve. Sometimes I had impression that cities were captured and then recaptured too quickly therefore the front line didn’t move at all after many missions. 

  • If any, what improvement / changes are planned for next campaign? 

We would like to limit such situation as described above. Airfields will be redesign making them a bit easier targets.  The plane set will be changed taking 3.001 update into account. We are also thinking about Axis offensive and Allied counteroffensive scenarios where one side would have greater advantage for several missions at the beginning of the map. As always time is critical here so we try to add as much new things as possible. 

  • A-20 and P-39L1 are around the corner – Do you think it will impact the campaign balance? 

Probably yes. Every new campaign is a kind of test of the latest changes we made so we will see what impact those aircraft will have. 


Will the Boston change the late war period ?


  • Chute killing is a recurrent debate in the forums. What do you think about it?  

The virtual like real war reveals the dark side of the human, it seems it is inevitable. I’m not mad or offended when it happens to me, it’s just part of the war but I have a clear conscience.  


  • With 1C plans to add more tanks in the game engine, have you ever considered adding playable ground action? 

No, we are focused on aircraft. 


  • What would you recommend to new IL2 players to get started in the multiplayer community?   

To join or create own virtual squadron, fly and learn from better pilots. It’s great experience to fly together with your friends and to rely on your wingman.


  • A final word for those who played your campaign?

Thank you on behalf of =LG= and StG2 teams for a great campaign! See you on the next TAW!

The germans relied on the traditionnal boom’n’zoom tactic.

Next Tactical Air War by April ?


As mentionned by Kathon above, the campaign will start after 3.001 release, plus some test period. We already knows that 3.001 will release late March, so there plenty of time to refine your skills before it starts.

With the campaign ending on a draw, we are looking forward for the Next Tactical Air War to settle the score!




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