The germans relied on the traditionnal boom'n'zoom tactic.

The IL2 Multiplayer campaign “Tactical Air War” is back online.  The campaign features several weeks of continuous battle with a persistent database, allowing players to impact the outcome of the campaign. The previous campaign, which ran in the first months of the year, ended on a draw as the Luftwaffe advance was stopped by a shortage of pilot respawn point.

The campaign obviously contains the new aircrafts delivered with the final version of Battle of Kuban – it also changes a few things which are listed below. One of the biggest change will be the mission set, which is more scenario oriented with some maps featuring german advantage or russian advantage per historical context.

How to join


Tactical Air War server features a persistant database. To fly in the server, you need to register on their website. It is easy and faster than it takes to load your game! Once registered, all your progress and flights will be accessible.


We are recruiting War Reporters.

We’d like to invite the players interested in promoting the IL2 community to write about the campaign. Participate and post situation updates every couple of rounds – like we did in the past – or some nice After-Action Report. That may convince some players from other simulator to join the IL2 Family!

Contact us at:




Changes and new features


  • Scenario based maps. On some maps Axis attacks so they have more limits (aircraft, tanks, pilots) and their tanks convoys spawn more frequent for the first several missions and on other maps Allied attacks so they have advantage. There also maps with draw situation. List of maps:

#1 Moscow_North – Axis offensive

#2 Moscow_South – draw

#3 Moscow_North – Allied counteroffensive

#4 Stalingrad_Center – Axis offensive

#5 Stalingrad_South – draw

#6 Kuban – Axis offensive

#7 Stalingrad_Center – Allied counteroffensive

#8 Kuban – Allied counteroffensive


  • The frequency of spawning tank convoys depends on three factors:
  1. Map scenario – more frequent for one side for first several missions
  2. Depot destruction – the more damage/destroyed the less frequent tanks spawn
  3. Captured area – the more captured cities the more frequent tanks spawn
  • Pilot gets CM if he ditches on a friendly airfield with any AK or GK.
  • Pilot gets new aircraft after 3 CM if his hangar is not full. Before pilot got new aircraft after sortie ended with CM. Now if pilot has 3/3CM and lost an aircraft he gets a new one.
  • New layouts of airfields. There are less buildings and more planes than before.
  • After capturing a city a train and supply convoy is send to this city in the next mission.
  • An enemy airfield is not repaired in current mission if it was attacked in previous mission. It doesn’t concern border airfields.
  • Airfields supply are also damaged after attacking and destroying airfield facilities. Airfields supply are also damaged by tanks convoys.
  • Buildings and hangars are generated on non-frontline airfields, but it shouldn’t be attacked because it will not be counted (to save cpu they are not in the log files). As before only frontline airfields should be attacked. There is text “Attack!” under it on the map in game.
  • After land of every 12 paratroopers there is a text message that inform how many paratroopers landed near enemy airfield from the beginning of the mission.
  • Gelenzik airfield fixed. Take off is towards sea not the mountain.
  • Bug with different mission ID on the www page fixed.
  • Convoys detect big rivers so they are not generated on it.
  • Bigger Moscow_South map (work in progress)
  • In mission list on the webpage there is description of the events after each mission. You may find there info about what was attack and destroyed, how airfields was damaged and supplied etc. It’s only in English version for now.
  • The manual has been updated. If something is unclear or is missing let me know.
  • Plane set as before (missing BOK planes added). Please check manual.



To fly transport mission choose bomber with text “transport” and take no bombs/rockets (it’s necessary after 3.001 update). It doesn’t concern Ju-52.

If payload are locked then you have to choose airfield and aircraft several times. It’s a bug after 3.001 update.

If you see black screen after connection to the server please wait for a while.




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