The famous Tacview software, a dedicated tool for debriefing and flight analysis, has released his new version in beta. The new version introduce a new exporter, along with Xplane 11 support.

You can download it here :

Release notes


  • Added support for X-Plane 11
  • Added a warning when loading a file with null spherical or flat coordinates
  • Brand new flight data recorder for DCS World
  • Added mission name in DCS World flight recordings
  • DCS World mission title, type, description, and briefing are now exported
  • DCS World mission bullseyes are now exported
  • DCS World exporter sampling frequency have been optimized to reduce produced files size
  • DCS World exporter CPU load has been reduced from 10% to 4% CPU in loaded battlefield
  • Local player vehicle magnetic heading is now exported for DCS World
  • Local player vehicle change is gracefully handled by the new DCS world exporter
  • Added an option to delay flight playback to prevent cheating when online with DCS World
  • Added an option to generate one file per connected client to your DCS World server
  • Added support for C-101 Aviojet (DCS World) advanced telemetry
  • Improved advanced telemetry for many DCS World aircraft
  • Added support for DCS: L-39 Albatros
  • Added support for DCS: M-2000C
  • Added support for DCS: SA342 Gazelle


  • Fixed crash when displaying bullseyes charts
  • Fixed a rare crash when loading corrupted acmi 1.x files
  • Fixed random online debriefing host crash when an obsolete client attempt to join the session
  • DCS World mission date is now always correct



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