After leading 3 – 0 on the Tactical Air War Server dynamic campaign, the German faced some challenge. With the La-5 unlocked, the Soviet VVS was able to repel the Luftwaffe, gaining 3 points in a row and leveling the score.

The Tactical Air War Server features a dynamic frontline and historical development of aircrafts over the campaign’s length. After a quick registration on their website, pilots get their share of aircrafts they need to take care about. It is now one of the most popular IL2 server.

The war is independant but influenced by air/ground attacks.


Even aircraft losses, but serious Luftwaffe pilot attrition

After one month of combat, let’s review the numbers. While debated to death across forum, the game seems balanced with 752 aircraft lost for the LW, while the Soviets lost 781 (+3.8%). However, Germans is getting shorthanded with 406 pilots killed/captured (+21%), versus 301 for the Russian side. The soviet aircrafts seems more resistant to damage, and pilots often have time to return and bail out over friendly territory. Still, they are many reports of “parachute kill” on both side. In parallel of being considered as cheap behavior, it may have some influence on the result.

On the ground, Artillery and Truck losses are even, while German tanks seems to suffer more from the IL2 (+44%).


Top Aces

Here are the top scorers:

  • German fighter: F/JG300_Faucon with 191 kills
  • Soviet fighter: =FB=Arhangel with 189 kills
  • German ground pounder: Ieno with 1475 ground kills
  • Soviet ground pounder: Norz with 553 ground kills (on top of 124 air victories)
  • K/D radio: ROSS_BW_Kuznechik, with 40 victories and zero death.

Nearly the end

With two map rotations remaining and the server well populated, the outcome of the (virtual) conflict is uncertain. Despite a surge in Russian activity, will the latest tier aircraft allow the Germans to recover the advantage?

You can learn more about TAW here :





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