Teamfusion is slowly but surely making progress in their future expansion for IL2: Blitz. The studio posted a quick update accompanied by a teaser of the upcoming Bf-109F.
The expansion will depict the action in Tobruk, an african town where Allied and German clashed in 1941

Hello again everybody. I can’t believe it has been a month since my last update. Time is certainly flying by. Sadly we have lost two more of our Battle of Britain veterans since I last wrote. Wg Cdr Tom Neil passed just days before his 98th birthday, followed shortly afterwards by Sqd Ldr Geoffrey Wellum. We also lost the ever-glamorous Mary Ellis, a trail blazer for female aviators and an original member of the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA), responsible for delivering fighter and bomber aircraft from the factories to the front line. She was 101.


A big highlight for those in the UK was the Duxford Flying Legends event – and it was great to be there to meet up with friends and enjoy the sights and sounds of so many warbirds gracing the sky. Unusually for the UK we had some glorious weather as well! I’m looking forward to next year’s event already!


So for this update let me first start off by thanking you all for your supportive messages – they are all very much appreciated. I’ll first provide some details of progress over the last month and then I’ll try to answer a few of the questions I have seen being raised across various forums.



We welcome 69th_Zeb to the team. Zeb is an experienced 3D modeller who’s day job is in the aviation industry. In his opening post he joked that he would look forward to polishing fig trees and sandbags. In reality he is hard at work on building assets for the new map.



As was eluded to in my last post, there is an internal schedule the team are working towards but we cannot forecast release dates. Given the progress made, there remains confidence that everything remains on track. It is fair to say that there are challenges in a couple of areas but there is some contingency so in this regard, things are no different to any other task based project.




The Team has continued to work on the Map Editor in order to get it into a stable development environment. This has not been without problems but it is good to report that the bugs are being fixed and it has been possible to use it to start fixing game map issues. What this means is that the map development process is simplified and no longer requires manual coding, e.g. it will improve the speed of map creation and development.


In addition, a huge amount of work has been undertaken to create desert versions of all the ground vehicles and objects. This work maybe doesn’t get the credit it deserves but take a look in the FMB at the amount of objects there are and you start to get a feel for the effort that is needed to change the textures and re-colour everything. Here are just a few pictures of some of the objects:


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