Leatherneck Simulation, the team behind the Mig-21Bis and AJS-37 Viggen, splitted in two separate studios. Some will continue their way as “Magnitude 3“, while Nickolas Dackard is founding “Heatblur Simulation“.  Both party have released their own press release announcing the split and the direction they were heading. Emotion and questions have flooded the forum, so let’s resume all the informations we have now. Two More Weeks wishes the best to both new studios !

Leatherneck Simulation/Magnitude 3 :



Michael, Radu and Novak will continue as Magnitude 3, LLC. They kept the right on the Mig-21Bis, F-4U Corsair, and the Leatherneck brand. However, Iwo Jima is not confirmed to happen as they are lacking manpower.

Their primary focus will be to polish the Mig-21, then they plan for another plane in early 2018.  The Fishbed AFM will receive a new update, and weapon system are planned next.
Backers aren’t forgotten and they are still looking for a way to reward them despite the fact the money vanished in the Beczl-gate.


Heatblur Simulation :



Heatblur Simulation is parting from Leatherneck. This new company, managed by Nicholas “Cobra 847” Dackard, will keep the Viggen and Tomcat rights. They also released a new set of screenshot and announced the F-14 should be available in early access in second half of 2017. Cobra explained that Leatherneck partition should not delay projects.

You can follow them on their new facebook page here.



Thanks Lino for the header picture !



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