After a spiraling list of bugs brought the Mig-21 to rest, Leatherneck has been quite quiet for a period and caused many concerns to their customer. However, it seems their technical team is about to finally get the bird out of the hangars. To add up to the list, some confusion about what/when/how fix are happening. Time to review some key points.


DSC01782Radar Issue :

The RP-21 Sapphire has known some issue with elevation system, rendering the system quite useless. After the last patch improved but failed to completely fix the situation, Leatherneck has published a hotfix that has to be downloaded and installed manually.
In the meantime, IFF is reported broken.

You can find the detail in this thread




Lighting Issue

After much people raised the lighting issue being forgotten, Leatherneck Published a serie of picture showing it fixed. They stated that the lighting will make his return in DCS 2.5, which is going to be the fusion of DCS 1.5 and 2. However, no date has been communicated by ED or Leatherneck. They also said that new lighting effect may be added as well, such afterburner glowing.



Radar Warning Receiver :

RWR has been improved, it now feature several level of audio depending on radar strength.

“It’s audiovisual feedback has been corrected and RWR tone and frequency is now dependent on radar strength and distance. “




Along with this, some fix here and there, but they isn’t much log to figure this out. While Leatherneck communication can be discussed, it is clear that the fix are coming and the Mig-21 willto get back in force in the DCS sky.


  1. Yes, not a great communication work from Leatherneck. But they are working on the Fishbed, and that’s the important thing. Good luck to them.


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