Targets are still smoking …. but someone already recreated the April 13th Strike on Damascus in a video game.  Yooper created a Command: Modern Naval/Air Ops scenario that recreate as accurately as possible the situation on that day and allows you to create your own strike.  CMANO is a strategic simulation released in 2013 and still under active development. The game tries to accurately reproduce modern aerial and naval warfare at theater level. It is without doubt the most accurate simulation available today.

Since its been snowing for about 40 hours I took the opportunity to make a CMANO scenario for the Friday the 13th Damascus Strike.…

It’s as near as I can tell given Wikipedia / news sites info. Now you too can get into terrible internet debates about Russian Vs. US capabilities. The research for this took me to some strange, shady, and google translated websites that will undoubtedly put me on even more watchlists somewhere. Let me know what you guys think.



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