totn-poster-tmwThis weekend, on the 30th of April and the 1st of May, prepare for Thunder Over The Net. This virtual airshow, organized and planned by Chris “STRIKER” Curtis, consits of 27 demonstrations performed by solos and teams to entertain spectators for two days with their exciting, mesmerizing and extreme flying. STRIKER will also get specific pilots for live interviews that you can listen to between some shows. Part of the show is an air race on Creech AFB, DCS 2.0. Thunder Over The Net presents teams around the globe such as the Virtual Blue Impulse from Japan, the Virtual Russian Swifts from Russia, the Virtual Pc-7 Team from Switzerland, the Virtual Blue Angels from America and many more. Tune in this Saturday at 14:00GMT when the show kicks off!

Livestream channel:

Schedule for Thunder Over The Net:


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