The map creators are adding the airfields as we speak

Team Fusion Simulations published another update about their upcoming Tobruk DLC.
The note mentions additionnal work being done to the sound and AI systems, and features the Cr.42 Cockpit. It is interresting to learn that work is also done to improve the current map with some new items.


Corrections on the AI continue and we have organized specific areas of importance to check and test first. Kling is fronting this effort and we are hoping to have more news on this front in a couple weeks. The issue of AI vehicles not crossing bridges is also on the top of the list for AI issues and a possible fix looks promising.

We are also close to finishing a simple implementation of HRTF to all the sounds in the bank. Our sound guy has also been introducing blasts and tails into the new bank which will provide a dynamic effect based on the distance of the player from an explosion or artillery / heavy gun sounds. Lastly, by using various layering techniques we’ve managed to create a sound which we believe is more similar to the Browning .303 from 4.312.


The map creators are adding the airfields as we speak



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