The Tactical Air War has published the details for their upcoming Top Gun 3 event :




We are back with round 3 and this time better than ever before!

What is Top Gun?

The Top Gun event is in its third incarnation and has been an intense, 1vs1 or 2vs2 guns only event so far. This has provided us with some of the best dogfighting we’ve ever seen.

This event has been created, planned and will be hosted by TAW (The Art of Warfare) in association with Situational Awareness, 51st and 104th. Therefore ladies and gents it will count towards your SA ranking (Details coming)!

We have changed the formula since last time, so make sure you read the rules to get an understanding of how it will work.

What can I fly?

Our roster for aircraft available this time around is the following:
Mirage 2000C

How will it work?

The event will be split into TWO separate competitions, a 1vs1 and a 2vs2. For the 1vs1 competition we have 32 slots to fill and for the 2vs2 we are going to get 16 teams (32 slots). 8 slots from each competition have already been reserved for invitees.
Once signed up, pilots will then be sorted and assigned matches.
Each match will consist of three rounds, first player/team to get 2 victories is declared the winner and will move onto the next stage.
The three rounds will be structured like this:
– Round 1 – Pilots will be provided with heat seeking missiles (Su27/33/Mig29A/S – R73, F15 – Aim9, Mirage – Magic) and their aircrafts gun, which will be employed post merge only.
– Round 2 – Pilots will be equipped only with their gun, in traditional Top Gun fashion, again firing post merge only!
– Round 3 – If after round 2 the score is tied then we repeat round 2 to get our winner.

We strongly believe in showing good sportsmanship, therefore all matches will have a referee who will orchestrate the match and resolve any issues that may arise during.

Something we noticed last time was using a cold turn and climb tactic to outlive the opposition by starving them of fuel, this is an example of something we consider unsportsmanlike. We want to see how well you can fight!

You will not be allowed to switch airframe once the match has started, you must complete all three rounds with the same airframe.

For attendance to the event itself, you must show up 30 minutes before YOUR match begins, if you aren’t present in the TeamSpeak lobby 30 minutes before your match then we will already contact reserves, when you do not show up 15 minutes before the match someone from the reserve list will fly your match. If no reserves are available, then the match will be ruled as a walkover win. It’s very important that we keep the event running, so that others will not suffer for someone else’s tardiness.

Alot of organisational work goes into preparing an event like this, therefore we need to stick to a strict timetable to keep everything running smoothly, we hope you understand the reasons for the above.

Finally, keep yourself up to date with the event by checking the thread here, just in case any changes are made. Have fun!

Where do I sign up?

Anyone and everyone is welcome to sign up to the event, for 1vs1 and 2vs2, it doesn’t matter how skilled or unskilled you think you are. Simply visit the relevant signup form below and enter your details in, once done, hop back to the thread here and just post your callsign into the thread so we can contact you easily if necessary.

1vs1 Sign up Form

2vs2 Sign up Form

PLEASE NOTE, that we strongly encourage you to sign up even if you believe that we have reached our limit for players, we’ve noticed plenty of AWOLs at past events so we therefore want a strong reserve list!


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