Long time no see !  2MW has been quite quiet lately. Many of you guys have been complaining about my grammar so i decided to take radical steps: I relocated in England. For once, this news will be about us.



The website is quite a one man show for now. Except a few articles from some very skilled friends, i don’t really have any daily newser. As we got a 3 months interruption because I couldn’t get a minute for myself, the website started to drown.  Lesson learned. I will now focus on creating a small redaction, to keep all the passionate informed about the latest news. It will not happen overnight tho. I hope to start a recruitment wave in August. If you want to write a bit about your favorite simulator and promote it, this is your chance.

In parallel, I feel like news alone aren’t everything. Once my redaction team is ready, i will try to spend more time creating more editorial content. That goes from writing powerful articles, and travelling left and right to meet key players in the simulation industry.  Sergio Costa, from Helisimmer, is a great inspiration. He also was a nice support when i doubted about 2MW future. I invite everyone to check out his website which is the one stop shop for everything heli related 🙂

Dedicated Server

In parallel, i also intend to start a dedicated server. My new job allows me some more fun, and i hope to start a multi gaming dedicated server. Unlike most sleeping and automated dedicated server, I plan to create a server team that can provide interresting missions and events on multiple popular simulations.  As our community reached 13.000 players (and a bunch of falcon 4 guys), we hope to be able to create great events !


About me

Originally from France, I moved in England this year. Now 33, my life resolved around simulation, one way or another. I have a sucessful career in the Paintball/Airsoft industry, which had me live here and there accross Europe. In some way, this is also simulation!  I look forward to dramatically improve my English, and maybe down the line find some serious training in journalism.

I have to finish my beer now.  I’ll see you soon with some fresh news. With many simulations around the corner, 2018 will be a corner stone of the simulation industry !



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