We are back !

2018 Has been a much troubled year for the website. First, I relocated in England! While allowing me to dramatically improve my english skills, it also required some adaptation in both my new life and new job, so i was a bit away from my keyboard for a while. On top of this, a virus finished our website a bit later with some #@!£{} adware.

But I like writing and sharing my passions and at some point, the urge to recreate the website has grown stronger than laziness. Some of you guys have been very supportive and constantly harassing me to get back on track…. So here it is- TwoMoreWeeks.net is back online

For the latest member who joined one of our Facebook groups, TwoMoreWeeks is all about simulation. Starting as a small DCS fansite to support our now 15k facebook group, it grew into a daily news outlet for everything sim related. While I play a lot of flight simulations, I also play a lot of other simulations, from submarine to racing, and realized that a fair share of players actually does the same.

There is still a lot of stuff to redo on the website. For some reason a lot of pictures have gone missing, I could not import pages and a lot of plugins still need to be reinstalled. However, the news and articles are now accessible !

Two More Weeks was launched nearly 3 years ago !

The simulation world promises some real nice drugs coming this year. Codemaster fired the first rounds last weekend with the release of Dirt2, a much anticipated Rally Simulation. Along with this, we should see very soon some new product across the whole range. Uboat will fill the empty space left by the Silent Hunter demise. Sonalyst (Dangerous Waters) hinted a return to video games. Deadstick, due this year, will bring you in the boots of a Bush pilot. If you prefer a faster workhorse, the F-14 and the Farmer is about to release in DCS World. Tankist, a long forgotten job in the simulation industry, is getting some love from the developers of IL2 Sturmovik. And that is just the tip of the iceberg!

We hope you will discover many of these great games with us! Stay tuned for a great year in the simulation industry!



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