Uboat is currently going thru a closed beta phase, available for all those who supported the game on their kickstarter campaign. Below is the changelog

The game is getting polished as a fast rate with patches being published every few days, and the developers mentioned that early access is just in a matter of weeks now.

B98 (01.03.2019)

Notice: starting with this version, we will maintain previous versions on a separate branch on Steam to allow playing on old saves when we break the compatibility.

– NPC groups had their velocity incorrectly set to 0 after loading a game state, causing them to stay in place.
– Underwater effect was disappearing during a zoom to the section view when camera was placed below the deck.
– Game now displays a warning when selected save isn’t compatible with the current version.
– Flag state wasn’t saved.
– Random missions had their initial conditions reworked. Some of them stopped to appear since introduction of assignments and they all were too scarce overall.
– Patrol square highlight was disappearing after new objectives appeared.
– U-boats that got help during random missions were turning neutral.
– White plane was visible in free camera mode after loading any game state.
– Button for sending reports wasn’t appearing after loading. It was necessary to make current mission inactive and activate it back again to make it functional.


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