Uboot is slowly getting ready for release. The WW2 simulator is supposed to replace the old Silent Hunter Series. In a short message, the team explains that the game is nearly finished, with tuning and details being worked on now.  They are still on track for a release during Q2, 2018.


Mod support !

The inventory system also received some love

Modding has always been a big thing in submarine simulators. Actually, they are still a lot of dedicated fans creating mods for the Silent Hunter series. You can find on the great naval games website: Subsim.com. The developer are aware of this and revealed a C# compiler in the game to support modability to a large extend. Two API version will be implemented. One “safe” mode which has limited access to the program, and one “unsafe” which will allow way more control over the program, at user’s risk.

“We included a C# compiler in our game so that Steam Workshop mods will be able to add advanced content of pretty much any scope into the game. Mods can now be specified as “safe” and use limited, but generally safe API or may be specified as “unsafe” and access much wider API, but game will carefully ask the user to make sure that the modder may be trusted. All scripting mods will be supplied in a source code form.

We are still working on our modding API to make it understandable and pleasant in use. It’s not our top priority at this time and we may publish it after the game release to avoid extra delays.”


You can read the full update here :




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