Gazelle multicrew
Hey, where’s the red wine ?


Eagle Dynamics has published a patch introducing the Gazelle Mistral, along with Gazelle Multicrew. It also add several quality textures for the BF-109K Kurfurst. ED announced that the warbird is now complete, and if you don’t have it yet, they are doing a special sales on it.  ED seems to have simplified their patch release, OpenBeta and Releases are on the same line since a few patch. You should all have your new Gazelle.
Leatherneck also introduced some fixes for Mig-21. Unfortunately, that does not include Radar and Weapon yet. They stated they have found the issue but that fixes will make it only to next patch.




They also published screenshots of their upcoming unified 2.5 version, which will merge the current openbeta and openalpha.


“DCS World 2.5 Update

Perhaps our biggest focus is on the huge DCS World 2.5 Update that will unify DCS World 1.5 and 2.0. Not only will the DCS World 2.5 be one version to rule them all, it will also include a vastly improved Caucasus map. Features of the new map will include improved and higher resolution textures and elevation mesh, improved trees, higher density of ground objects, improved lighting and shadowing, terrain projected shadows, procedural grass, and other improvements. Best of all, this will be our free gift to you.
DCS World 2.5 is still on track to be available in 2016.
We have included a few comparison images that illustrate the vast improvements that DCS World 2.5 will bring.

Eagle Dynamics”



DCS Update 4

DCS World

Fixed crash after exit from multiplayer.
Labels format now forced  in  multiplayer  game  from  mission  file  (custom  labels  script  should be added to mission file manually).
Trimmer method now selecting  correctly  for  FFB  and  nonFFB  devices.
DCS can be closed by Alt+F4  combo  (need  to  add  ‘respect_alt_f4  =  true’  line  to autoexec.cfg).
Encyclopedia: R4M rockets description added.

DCS Bf‐109 K‐4

Module is in release status  now.
Added new skins.


Fixed missing wing tank pylon textures on s ome LODs.

DCS F‐5E Tiger II

Radio channel presets now  loading  in  a  prepared  mission.
Fixed frequency rounding in preset channel c hart.

Fixed frequency rounding in preset channel c hart.


Changelog from Polychop :

– Added SA342Mistral model featuring Mistral anti aircraft short range IR missile
– Added additionnal SA342Mistral separated manual
– Corrected encyclopedia files to display 3D weapons models
– Corrected lased distance to be calculated once only when asked
– Corrected autorotation collective behavior in final stage
– Corrected autopilot slaved mode to be linked only to camera azimuth
– Corrected range finder, now ground and vehicles can be spotted, but still no building
– Corrected landing in grass, now landing while sliding is possible
– Corrected module behavior when pilots die
– Corrected pilot sight display
– Corrected camera slew speed when not in autopilot slaved mode
– Added multi crew feature
– Added multi crew user manual
– Changed Video command box power rotator to be 2 positions now, flight manual has been corrected accordingly.
– Added Yougoslav livery for Serbia
– Corrected pilots eyes
– Changed FM radio frequency range to 30-87.975 MHz, flight manual corrected accordingly.
– Added Cockpit vibration setting slider in options screen, corrected manual accordingly.
– Added Second Tiger Meet livery
– Moved all default liveries files to SA342.ZIP
– Added Rudder trimmer feature as an option (unchecked by default)
– Added Engine break because of lossed rotor/engine sync as an option (checked by default)
– New same sight for both gun and rockets


Change from Leatherneck Simulations (unconfirmed due to the usual Mig21 licence issue)

  • Implemented Cockpit Night Lighting
  • Corrected missile performance for R-60. R-3’s pending.
  • Corrected NURS issues with AI
  • Corrected a few joystick inputs
  • Flight model performance adjustments to adhere to documentation
  • Deleted legacy headtracker profile
  • Corrected kneeboard custom page issue


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