When Eagle Dynamics it’s DCS; A-10C Warthog, on April 22, 2011, it was there 1st fixed-wing, high fidelity, mouse clickable cockpit offering..




It has been said, falsely I might add, that lightening, (along with the attendant ‘thunder’ doesn’t strike twice in the same place. Who, you might ask, said that? The short answer of course, is “they.” That mysterious group of the faceless and nameless ones that lurk in the shadows, just out of view , but close enough to feel their presence like a soft, but chilling breath on the back of your neck. Feel them? They are EVERYWHERE. ‘They’ have been with us all through history. “Man was never meant to fly’, or how about , This tiny little screw is going to push a SHIP, through the water? Impossible! Well, ‘they are clearly’ full of it., because we now know, , men and women can  fly, tiny (relatively) screws can indeed move a ship through water, and lightening can indeed strike  twice                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   When Eagle Dynamics release it’s A-10C Warthog, on 22 April 2011, it was their 1st fixed wing , high fidelity, mouse clickable cockpit, offering. Not to take anything away from Ka-50 Black Shark , but for a non-rotorhead, such as myself, the release of this premier close support platform was no less than electrifying. Officially called Thunderbolt II, Warthog, was for many, myself included a ‘godsend’. I had some familiarity with ED through LOMAC , but the non-clickable cockpits left me a little ‘cold’, because I began in earnest with Microsoft’s Flight Simulator X. At the time of release for that product, I had actual flight experience, which naturally contributed to my fairly rapid progress, and it wasn’t long before I has flying addons of ‘heavies’, like the Captain Sim 777, as a result, I didn’t find LOMAC series particular challenging from flying perspective.

That changed forever with the introduction of the Hog…






That changed forever with the introduction of the ‘Hog’. It’s no fast mover, but ‘s faster than a helo, and somewhat easier to fly and fight at the sale time than Black Shark, which I must admit, never really mastered, in part I think because I never got over the feeling that another pair of hands and eyes. I am quite sure that it was nothing that due diligence and practice would not have solved. Alas; I was a bit lazy, and it was pretty clear, I was no rotor-head , at least not a very good one, so the Warthog, was spot on. I have never looked back. Only forward. After all this time I’m still learning things about the that plane


Since then, there have been increasing number of third-party modules, from other developers…


Like many others in the community, I was excited by the prospect of a ‘hanger-full fine DCS products as they became available. What I failed to consider was that ‘third-party’ developers, the first of which was BelSimTek, which saw the introduction of it’s UH-1 Huey, which offered the first multi-crew position, options, which followed up in fairly short order with it’s Magnificent Eight, F-86F Sabre and F-5E-3 Tiger II modules, and work continues on it’s Mig -15Bis.  Since then, there have been a increasing number of third party developers; witness Razbam’s M2000C and Leatherneck Simulations’ Mig-21Bis., and while work on that particular module continues; they are expanding their line to include the F-14A/B Tomcat and the AJS -37 Viggen.

I have to admit I was very surprised, when the announcement was made. That was due in no small part the actual ‘geopolitic’, of Sweden’s status as a Non-NATO country, and as such, I’d never considered Viggen as a possibility. This was also in part because of the hype surrounding the F-14A/B, which to many seemed almost eminent. Oh well.. To say I’m surprised however, doesn’t mean displeased. Don’t get me wrong. I’ll be a real nutter ‘when I can experience multiple midairs, trying to give the proverbial finger, while canopy to canopy with the bogus “Mig-28”. I have always been something of an admirer of the SAAB Wonder, since I first learned of it’s development in mockup form. I already liked the Draken , so the then-new canard -winged fighter one more reason to appreciate the great things they seemed to be up to at Linkoping.

Now we’re hearing a ‘New Thunder’ in the distance and it’s name is Viggen

I wrote about the Viggen a few months back, and while informative.( I always try), I was just a little disappointed to see not much feedback at the time. In retrospect it seems a little premature. Perhaps some folks, with some justifiable skepticism regarded it as too far off to be of any interest, or worse it would disappear in ‘vaporware’. The newly released AJS Viggen Trailer, has allayed those fears. Now we’re hearing a ‘New Thunder’ in the distance and it’s name is Viggen, For the ‘Newbs’ out there that means “Thunderbolt”.  Looking at the depicted load-outs, one can easily figure out why they call it that. Thunderbolt II, has a new stable-mate of sorts, even if in name only. The sentiment, that is ‘to pound the hell out of it’s opponent, remains true to form, and we are ready to get it on, if I may use an old Yankee colloquialism.

I wish I could say; two more weeks is in the cards, but that’s probably not in the cards. What I can say is that it will get here, even if not as soon as we would like. Stay tuned guys. In the meantime, you might want to review, ‘Thunderbolt From The Blue’; Two More Weeks, May 23,2016.







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