This weekend,

countless virtual air demo teams around the globe come together to take part on a virtual airshow event called ‘Virtual AIR16’, flying graceful, extreme and exciting virtual aerial demonstrations. This Swiss based event replicates a real airshow that was held on the outskirts of the Swiss alps at the airfield of Payerne in 2014.

Every single aircraft is flown by an individual person connected via the internet, displaying their flying skill in a group with up to 9 aircraft in one formation or in an aggressive solo display to demonstrate the aircraft’s capabilities.

Not only teams from Europe will take part on this event, such as the Virtual Red Arrows, the Frecce Tricolori Virtuali and the Virtual Pc-7 team, teams
from America and Japan, such as the Virtual Blue Angels and the Virtual Blue Impulse, will join in to spice up the show with their areal acts.
Via the official Virtual Airshows channel, you can watch and follow this virtual airshow from your PC, notebook, tablet or phone while remaining up-to-date about the schedule via live ticker.

The show starts this Saturday, 17th September, 15:00 GMT.

Watch the show live on the official Virtual Airshows channel:

The schedule gives you a great perspective about what you can expect from this virtual airshow weekend:



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