This weekend numerous virtual air demo teams meet up once more this year to take part on the virtual event that has been branded as the virtual airshow of the year, the Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams, short VFAT.

vfat2016posterv2Via the official Virtual Airshows Twitch livestream channel you can follow the entire show live without registering. Join the chat to cheer, motivate and inspire the participating virtual air demo teams as they roll to the runway providing us with outstanding aerobatic figures, whether flying a solo or with a team of 10 pilots. 30 individual demonstrations will be performed starting this Saturday at 15:30GMT, ending the show Sunday at about 23:15GMT, having late highlighting teams flying European time friendly.

The Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams display program can be viewed below to ensure no one is missing their favorite display team flying this weekend.

Click image to enlarge

During the show the dynamic schedule will be kept updated to keep the audience informed about current activities:–osgQwUgNuiJku348uLE/edit#gid=2120745992

The Virtual Festival of Aerobatic Teams channel:

Virtual Airshows Facebook page:


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