Our community member Thomas “Mr. Dilling” is recruiting for his new “Virtual Scandinavian Airforce” squadron.  They primarily operate Mirage-2000C and Su-27 and is preparing for the upcoming DCS releases. You can contact him either thru PM in facebook, or at the following email :



Recruitment for =VSA=

We in the VSA (Virtual Scandinavian Airforce) are recruiting for our Strike / Escort squadron ! We are at the moment equipped with the Mirage 2000C for the strike role and the SU27 in the escort role. In the future we will transition to the AJS37 Viggen and the F/A18C when it arrives in about ”2 weeks time”. For us your skill is not important it is more important that you fit in together with the rest of the squad, as for us it is not about the kill but about the enjoyment of the flight and the fight. If you are interested then please PM me.




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