The Virtual United Air Festival will take place this weekend, November 11th and 12th. This massive online airshow regroup aerobatic teams from all around the world. Performances are taking place all day long thoughout the weekend, and can be watched live on Twitch.

Edit : One of our community member that is flying this event has asked for some help ! He is looking for a cameraman. Please contact Justin for more information !

For this 5th edition, 29 shows are announced :


Saturday :
Time(GMT) Team Aircraft
1400 Virtual Blue Impulse 6x T-4
1500 Virtual Belgian F-16 Solo Display 1x F-16AM
1515 Virtual French AlphaJet Solo Display 1x AlphaJet
1530 Virtual Couteau Delta Tactical Display 2x Mirage 2000C
1545 Virtual Su-22 Demo Team 2x Su-22M4
1600 Virtual Vultures 6x L-39C
1625 Virtual F-5E Tiger Demo 1x F-5E Tiger
1640 Virtual F-15C WestCoast Demonstration 1x F-15C Eagle
1655 Virtual VFA-122 Super Hornet Tac Demo 1x F-18E
50 mins BREAK
1800 VAT Skyline MiG-29 6x MiG-29
1830 Virtual RAF Hawk Demonstration 1x VEAO BAE Hawk T1
1845 Virtual Patrouille Suisse 6x F-5E Tiger II
1930 Mighty 8th F-5E-3 Solo Demonstration 1x F-5E-3

Sunday :
Time(GMT) Team Aircraft
1400 Flying Griffins 2x AlphaJets
1420 Virtual Canadian F-18 1x CF-18A, 1x P-51D
1440 VBDJT Dynamic Solo 1x L-39C
1455 Virtual Wounded Warrior 1x P-51D, 1x L-39C
1515 Tranchant by JTS 4x Fouga Magister
1535 Mustang Formation 2x P-51
1545 Sparflex by Jetesons 2x L-39C
1605 Virtual F-16 Tiger Demo Poland 1x F-16C Block 52+
1620 Patrouille de France by JTS 8x ALPHAJET E
1 hour 10 mins BREAK
1800 VAT Skyline Su-27 6x Su-27
1835 TheFlyingGear Huey Demo 1x Huey
1850 Virtual Horsemen 3x P-51
1910 Mighty 8th Virtual Jet Demonstration Team 6x F-15




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