VODKA[1]This Saturday, Pres. Donald T issued executive order 666. Vodka is now forbidden in the world. Later in the day, VSA squadron in Kutaisi was to hit the Vodka factory. but the mission would be tought tho. The Vodka factory is located deep inside the northern caucasus district, heavily protected.

13:30, Kutaisi. 5 Viggens are taking off from Kutaisi. Weather is perfect, despite forecast specialist announcing fog and low clouds. The Viggen and their deadly payload then turned north, heading for the socialist state of Vodka.


In the other side of the border, Weather was also nice. The Screen_170203_194755politburo had report of an imminent attack against their land, but the spy was too drunk to recall which objective it was. Vodka Squadron setup a CAP station over the Nalchik prefecture, to cover the hole left by the S-125 batteries. While two planes would patrol the sky, two others would remain available for intercept. At 13:00, Lev and Jan started their first patrol together while their usual officer would stay in alert, near the runway.

Screen_170203_195351Unaware of that death was straying straying thru the mountains, Jan and Lev patrolled Beslan and Nalchik area. The CAP was later relocated in the west, where SAM coverage is more flawy. After some time, they started been low in gas. At 15:00Z, Vodka Officers Wolfakov and LazzySeal took off to maintain the station, while the first flight was RTBing for fuel.

The VSA’s Viggen were reaching their objective. Flying low in the caucasus range, they took a ballsy move and flew right between two closely spaced SAM, instead of using the airdefense blind spots. As they reached the outskirt of Nalchik, the mountain opened into snowy plains, 25 meters below their planes. After 30minutes of transit, everything would now happen in a matter of minutes.


Shortly after their takeoff, the lovely voice of their GCI started to yell into the Vodka’s pilot helmet. Something was flying low, very low and fast, in the Nalchik prefecture. The first flight reported unable to catch up as zero fuel. Lazzy and Wolfakov turned right, engaged burner and started their intercept. As they closed to Nalchik area, things became clear. They were heading for the National Treasure !

Closing at high speed, the building started to showup in the AJS sight. They started a popup attack and unleashed their weapon against the factory. The Air defense were recovering from the previous night party and the little minute it took them to startup their weapon, everything was already over. A missile was fired at an escaping Viggen, but they were already too far.


As the idea sparkled in the flight lead mind, he turned his head rigScreen_170203_203843ht and saw the vodka factory engulfed in a ball of fire. It was too late, the alcohol plant was burning. Flight Lead Wolfakov saw a retreating contact and started chasing him. As he got closer, the fleeing AJS-37 suddently started to flip up. As they flew supersonic past the static plane, they decided it was no longer a threat and rushed to the border to intercept other AJS-37.

They wouldn’t find any.


Screen_170203_205811As the firefighter were fighting to put down the fire, a reconnaissance on the site shown some very bad damage. The two manufacturing buildings are totally destroyed. It turns up that the vodka reserves and the shipping facilities are still up. The Vodka politburo will probably move them to another safer location. Vladimir has been sentenced to lifetime in gulag.


Well, that was the first AAR I write, hope it wasn’t boring. And that’s a bit romanced because actually, network code absolutely crashed and both squadrons flew into separate dimension, at the exception of [VSA] HES which connected *after* I accidentaly paused the server and put everyone out of sync. From our side, only HES took off so that’s the only one we and GCI saw.
Maybe we could have caught them during their escape…. but still, the factory was properly and nicely detroyed !

Project Vodka is the soviet themed squadron I’m part of, and the Virtual Scandinavian Airforce is a new & nice Viggen/Mirage Squadron that some of our DCS friends recently launched. You can see the mission briefing and condition in this page. We tried to recreate a realistic environment, with historical SAM locations, F10 map disabled, real weather.

VSA Squadron reported 2 planes losses, due to one CFIT and one disconnection.
Vodka Lost two planes because of leatherneck FM change (bouncy landing)

We had a fun night, we hope to see you again in our skies and our hud. !  <S!>


  1. An absolute thrilling and fun report of the VODKA & VSA session!!! Love the humor!!!
    …I sadly could not join… Next time
    Great work!


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