Screen_141023_11224612465921_10153896861708708_2977578814846675949_o                                                                                                                                                                                                   The U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels is in the market for new planes to replace their aging Boeing F/A-18C legacy Hornets for it’s premier Naval Aerial Demonstration Team. Not surprisingly, the Navy views it’s Super Hornet is the plane of choice. I’m quite sure that the new birds, when they make their actual debut, will continue to thrill the crowds as we have all come to expect, perhaps even adding one or two new tricks to their performances.

For those of us in the World of DCS, the Hornet “C,”  will more than just a ‘new plane’, but a new kind of plane.

For those of us in the World of DCS, the Hornet ‘C’, will be more than  just a ‘new plane’, but a new kind of plane. Unlike previous high-fidelity modules, offered by ED, this one will be different in several very important aspects. The most obvious, is that it will be a multirole naval strike fighter, and as such will be carrier capable and will for the first time present to users a workable A2G radar, which has been a daunting task to developers. I would expect that additional mission types such as SEAD may be in the future at some point. I personally would be very keen to learn how to take out a SAM site without getting my ass blown out of the sky, and be able to eventually do so routinely(I really hope they include that!)

Finally, it will be the first high-fidelity U.S. supersonic from ED…

Finally, it will be the first high-fidelity, U.S. supersonic from ED as opposed to 3rd party development product. I have been a DCS Fan ever since the introduction of the Ka-50 Black Shark, which was quite a challenge to learn. I crashed that thing more times than I care to enumerate, but it did not matter, because I remained patient and learned something from every mishap. However, I’m not really a rotary wing guy, so I would not go so far as to say that I mastered the beast, but I do alright in a pinch. It was the announcement of the DCS: A-10C Warthog, that ‘set the hook’.  I have been fond of this aircraft ever since I first laid eyes on it. ( See Hog Wars April 28,2016). I followed the development  as closely as is humanly possible, scrounging for every little scrap of information I could find.

Back when Glowing Amraam Productions released that vid: A-10C Warthog, I was more than hooked, I was flopping around on the deck…


Back when ‘Glowing Amraam’ Productions released  that vid, ‘A-10 Warthog, I was more than hooked, I was flopping around on the deck. It was epic. Still is. My only regret was that I didn’t pre-purchase, which had I done so would have earned access to the Nevada Map, and I purchased the boxed version. Still, I wasn’t going to complain. Not much. One of the first things I did learn though was that a HOTAS was a must.dcs-screenshot_1037920532891788_2602072875441079759_o

The Basic Joystick with a ‘slider throttle’ was not going to cut it. There were far too many functions in this baby. Yeah! I have flown every mission and campaign in-game, except for Combined Arms which I only recently purchased. I wanted a ‘Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog , but pricing considerations for forced me in a different direction, so I use a Saitek X-55 Rhino which while not perfect, offers a suitable alternative that works reasonably well.

One of the things about Warthog that I have always been frustrated by is that it is of course a bit of a slowpoke and therefore, ‘zoom climbs’, and such are out and lately I have been feeling the proverbial ‘need for speed!’ In part that’s why I purchased  DCS’ Mig-21Bis and the M2000c. The F-5E-3 purchase, I admit was somewhat impulsive. Truth be told, as of now , I fly it around ‘just for the hell of it’, as a ‘free flight’, with no particular mission, mostly because of it’s lack of ‘reach’ with regard to weapons and sensors. It  can hold it’s own in ‘guns only’ mode; a real scrapper in that regard. Not so good when the other guy has medium range radar-guided missiles. This is chief among the reasons USAF, did not want it.(..0r the F-20 Tigershark) and opted for the F-16A, instead. For the most part though, the Warthog, is my ‘ground pounder’, of choice.

Which brings me back to ‘changing of the guard’. While I cannot speak for others, for me at least, the DCS: A10C Warthog is the Digital Combat Simulator ‘poster child’, if you will. But, like most of us who been in the ED corner, are looking for something different and I am pretty confident that when DCS: F/A-18C Hornet when it released in it’s entirety, will, I predict, become the new poster-child for the modules representing modern platforms. The Hornet will be something of a game changer, offering an advanced multi-role platform which will offer many more mission options, ie A/A and A/G. not to mention Naval Ops. Carriers. Damn. Gives me ‘goose-bumps'( ‘chicken-skin,’ to my ‘Hawaiian Friends’!), just typing those words. While we may or may not have to wait for all those elements to integrated in-game, excitement for me at least is growing. Oh yeah… inerest is definitely rising, and I am ready! How about it guys? How ready are you?



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