Man the Deck Gun! Skvader studio has come back to the surface and fired us with a short but really interesting message: The Early Access program is days away. They are developing a cooperative, multi-crew simulation of the infamous German Type VII Submarine. Up to four players will have to cooperate to control the submarine with lifelike controls.
The game was developed after the tech demo “Hms Marulken” demonstrated the madness and fun factor of a multiplayer submarine simulation and attracted interest.

Hello everyone!

I am sorry about the radio silence this last month, I have been trying my best to push the last build out the door before the end of january, but alas, I have not managed to do so in time. Some of my time has been taken up by legal stuff regarding the release that I just didn’t plan for, and some of my time has been taken up by me adding (unnecessary but cool) bells and whistles to the game. The final build will be out next week, and after a brief testing period we will start selling the game on Steam. /Oscar

We also started a discord channel, so if you want to talk to me, Einar, or each other, you can do that here:



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