Wolfpack, the multiplayer U-boat simulation, has now a patch including a TDC training mission. Widely requested by the players, the mission features a target range with several targets of various aspect and speed. Optionally, the firing solution and real-time torpedos position can be displayed on the screen. Kudos to the developers for the quick implementation!

Among other changes and fixes, passwords are now implemented. You can now independently lock your submarine or your server. Also, you can now set the time of the day.

The Torpedo Data Computer

Computers weren’t really what we have nowadays. However, the naval engineers came up with a nice system that compute the torpedo solution for you. The TDC requires a few informations about your target. Given a range, speed, bearing and aspect of the target, the computer will feed the torpedo with a direction to take to lead correctly the target.

Unfortunately, this isn’t DCS. You will need to get these informations from your captain… or find it yourself using the periscope, guesstimates or some black magic.(sorted per accuracy)

Most people are discouraged by the imposing appearance of the TDC. However, it is also the “core” of the gameplay. Finding and intercepting the ship is exciting, but nothing feels as rewarding as a successful torpedo hit from a distant range. And for those who needs practice, the training mission is perfect!

Feeding the Beast

Getting an accurate solution requires a bit of practice and maths… Here are the basic to get you covered. As we mentioned above, you need to figure out the following information fed into your Pentium-Type-VII.

  • Range
  • Speed
  • Bearing (Angle from your direction)
  • Aspect (Angle from its direction)

A good chunk of our readers, coming from DCS World, has probably rushed to the telegraph to call the AWACS. While they may get a few funny answers from surrounding submarines, it appears the tool you’ll need here is your mark-1 eyeball and periscope.

The first step is identification. Once you have a ship in sight, open the Recognition Manual with the C key. We’ll cover the most used page, the Merchants. Pay attention to the ship’s feature to recognize the correct ship, which will provide crucial informations for next steps

To get range, measure Mast Height with your periscope. You can do that with or without zooming. Compare the result vs the indicated mast height in the Distance Table, which is a tab accessible in the C menu. That will give you a result in Hectometer (10 Hm = 1Km)
Make sure to use the correct table depending on your zoom level!

Speed is the time a ship takes to travel a distance. Now…. let’s say that distance is the ship itself – Makes our life easier, isn’t it? As the manual states, point your periscope to the very first pixel in front of the ship. Then count how long it takes to pass the vertical line.
No need to grab your fancy cell phone. The game has an inbuild chronometer you can use with the T key (start/stop) and the R Key (Reset).

Once you have the time, divide it by the ship’s length. That will give you the speed in meter per seconds, which you need to multiplicate per two to convert in Knots (1.94 to be exact, but who has time for this ?….)

To remember : ( TIME / SHIP LENGTH ) x 2

Bearing is simple. You watch the stars and …. Nah. Your periscope has it included.

Angle on Bow

This one is complex to explain. Pilots may be familiar with that as “Aspect”, except we need a much more precise angle. Instead of losing you with an incomprehensive speech, I’ll just copy paste this image from the manual. Please note that the angle will be Right if the ship travels toward the right side of your periscope – and Left if it travels toward the left side.

Simply said – look at the periscope and see how the target looks. Using the navigation table, you may get some more accuracy, but we may cover that in another guide.

Remember – The situation evolve quickly, and you may want to double check everything before firing !


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