Submarine captains rejoice: Wolfpack, the U-Boat Simulator for multiplayer cooperation is here!

It’s about time we get a full clickable submarine sim right? In fact, it is past that time already! How can we prove to ourselves and our friends that we have absolutely no idea while derping arou… eerrrr I mean are the bane of the oceans and know it all about runnig a uboat! Well, fear no more! The Wolfpack is here to be perhaps the most immersive u-boat sim so far!

Speaking of derping around, well that’s exactly what happened in my first test with a promo copy!

Ishikawa (who had also published a news piece on Wolfpack a few days ago) and myself were aboard our Type VII in September 1939, and were provling the ocean in the black of the night… Yes, we were in the same sub, as this is a multicrew clickable u-boat simulator!

We are professionals, nothing less!

In this new world of a fully modeled uboat interior, we of course have begun our journey with exploring the ship. Valves here, valves there, a nice tactical study table with a map overlaying it, there’s this tiny bulkhead door separating this section from the fore quarters. More on that later…

Wolfpack: u-boat simulator
Korvettenkapitän Herr Goggly-eyes reporting! Joking aside, walking around in the same u-boat with actual human crew is a cool experience to say the least.

You know how all submarines, especially the WW II uboats are famous for being cramped and claustrophobic places that tend to stink? Well that’s why the open hatch above is such an attractive place to checkout! Up there above the ladder, there is the conning tower, and the ladder keeps going up to the hatch opening to the outside world. The starry night sky is clear, and a huge full moon casts it’s dim but welcome light on our boat. The sea is relatively calm. Tips of the little waves are lit by the moonlight.

I take a look through the UZO and… see absolute pitch black. I mean, what did I expect, it’s a dark night, and that’s a 30’s optic, duh!

We immediately get to what we do the best so far: derping around! Though the deck is darker, so we light our flashlights. I take a look at the AA gun, looks like a 20mm. That’s a nice, round, and big AA sight right there…

Traverse leeeftt… traverse riiiggght… elevate… oh what the hell! (here, your absolutely professional author decides that it is olny natural to check if the gun is working right) POW POW POW! Hmmm… slow firing, must be a C/30.

I hear Pierre “so much for stealth lol”.

“Yeeeahh… it’s not like we’re afraid of them! bah!”

I leave the gun, and a second later I hear: “Boom!”, oh well… I guess it really wasn’t the best idea to fire the AA gun. At least that was my first thought, until I’ve realized that it’s Pierre derping with the deck gun!

After some more shenanigans on deck, I decide that I’ll head down in again. I wonder what’s beyond that little rabit hole of a bulkhead door you know… But it’s too low, I guess I’ll have to click on it?

“FOOOOSSSHHH” No! No! Not the ballast valves!

At this moment, Pierre goes “uuuuhhh I’m still outside?! :D”

So much clickity-click! Don’t click on diving related stuff when a crew is still outside though… bad sport…

And I do what every professional skipper would do: proceeded with laghing maniacally of course!

Well thankfull, it takes more than just accidentally clicking on the fore ballast tank valves to get the boat down under.

There’s a whole set of beautiful controls for that!

Ok… Second Time’s the Charm… Or the Third…

After the first entertaining yet fruitless patrol, we set out to try more and more patrols. The amount of derping decreased at a steady pace. Well, for the most part anyway :P. Two of us got the hang of diving, surfacing, holding and adjusting depth, using the hydrophone, etc.

We have had a few patrols with 3 crew as well, including another one of our team, aptly named Skipjack. The more the merrier indeed, because operating a uboat is really NOT a one man show, at least if you want to be even remotely effective.

I did try a few solos anyway… And in one of those, actually ended up sinking my first ships! Including winning a surface duel with an escort! Followed up with a merchant. Not that I was getting cocky or anything, I just couldn’t use the TDC (torpedo data computer) yet! Eventually, I ended up getting sunk by an armed merchant ship.

Wolfpack - u-boat simulator - deck gun
Sorry pal, nothing personal. I got rather decent at guesstimating range and scoring hits with the deck gun

I was kinda experienced with the deck gun! You see, Wolfpack does justice to its name, and lets you man multiple u-boats in a session to stalk the convoy! In one of our training games, Pierre and I took two separate boats without realizing.

Of course, as soon as we realized, a deck gun duel ensued! One that I won rather quickly if I may say so!

In another patrol, we joined a server with many people in 3 different submarines including ours. Felt rather satisfying that we were the first to find the right direction towards the convoy, made contact the quickest, and got two torpedo kills. Though the escorting destroyer wasn’t too happy with that, and we got sank by its depth charges.

In Wolfpack, Everyone Do Their Part for the U-boat!

With time specialities seem to emerge. For example, I got good at using the hydrophone, spotting from conning tower, and estimating range as well as getting hits with the deck gun.

Pierre on the other hand, got better at setting / holding depth, using TDC, and using the map.

He also got pretty good at roleplaying the Titanic: “My heart will go on u-boat simulator edition”

Operating the Type VII U-Boat is all about coordination of crew, and everyone contribute in what they are the best in.

Walking around inside and over the submarine, clicking, turning and rotating the many wonderful dials, switches, and vanes, using either of periscopes to stalk surface ships… Wolfpack is a u-boat simulator that makes you feel in the experience.

Hearing enemy destroyers pinging you gives the creeps. Moreso is the moment when you set the hydrophone just right, and hear clearly the splashing sounds as they drop depth charges above.

Wolfpack Is the Multiplayer Coop U-Boat Simulator We’ve Been Waiting For!

We only get a u-boat simulator once or twice a decade… and Wolfpack comes with a first-time focus on the multiplayer cooperation. For WW2 u-boat fans like myself, this is a welcome refreshment to say the least.

The early access does have a few areas that need a touch of polish. However, they are not really serious issues. The game is already enjoyable. Your Type VII U-Boat is fully operational, aside from a few missing features in radio, ADF, and depth measuring device.

The features are on the roadmap to be added. More advanced u-boat equipment are also on their way: radar, radar warning receiver, active sonar, snorkel…

It is a great simulation to get together with friends and stalk a convoy, sink some tonnage, and… oddly both feel tension and relaxation 🙂

Definitely worth a look, I mean, it even supports play styles of: derping, relaxing, serious, what else could one ask for 🙂

Wolfpack is available on Steam as early access, for a pretty good price if I may say so. If you are looking a new and unique u-boat simulator experience, it is hard to go wrong with this one.

See you under the waves!


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