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Wolfpack is a submarine cooperative game where players get to work together in a World War Two German U-boot. Up to 5 players can take various roles in the Type VII submarine – and several u-boats can cooperate in the attack. The game currently features random convoy encounters, and the enemy difficulty may vary depending on the period of the war. The current version contains early U-boat systems – more advanced systems such as active sonar or radar will be implemented later in the game.

One of the most extreme coop experience

Operating the Uboat requires to man various stations with clickable functions. Up to five players can cooperate to alleviate the workload but it is perfectly possible to be two in controls, although workload will really be tense in the attack phase. Exit keybinding, you will have realistic controls to click and handle. The game remains accessible for beginners – assuming they have a look to the manual or willing to get trained by a very friendly community.

“MultiCrew” style games are rare- even more when it falls down to the submarine genre. With Wolfpack, the emphasis is in team play like it has never been before in a vehicle sim. And most interestingly, it works! The Subsim community is very adult and passionate, and every player I’ve come across so far are looking for that experience. On top of having a crew working together, you can also cooperate with others submarines. Once surfaced, you can send morse message to others submarines – assuming they are surfaced too. And again, the magic works as most players will answer you.

Das -virtual- Boot

Your –optionally– floating war machine is the Type VII U-boat. It features 4 launchers in the front and one in the rear. On top of this, you have an extra 88mm cannon on the deck and a 20mm AA gun on the conning tower for self-defense. The sub is equipped with a passive sonar to locate ships and convoys. The propulsion is composed of 4 engines, two diesel engines, and two electrics engine. The Diesel engines used when surfaced, allowing to charge the batteries much needed during underwater runs on the electric engines.

Submarine warfare is comparable to ambushes. U-boat crew have to get intel on convoy position, either using their sonar or by communicating with others submarines. Once a ship or a convoy is located, the submariners must place themselves in a good position to engage it.  Torpedoes where archaic back then, and simply going in a given direction. Accurate aiming was done with the help of the Torpedo Data Computer. The crew has to set the TDC with proper data about the target whereabout, so the sophisticated apparatus can compute the firing solution and feed that to the torpedo. Once fired, the torpedo will turn into that direction and follow it blindly until impact. The system has limitation tho- It assumes the ship goes on a constant route. If you are detected, ships will start manoeuvering randomly to make your life harder and theirs longer.

Some Starter Tips

Before I go with a few starter tips – I strongly suggest you stop reading and test the game. One very interesting experience is to just walk around and discover everything by yourself. In itself, discovering the submarine and experimenting with a friend is already good fun.

Right. You did it? Did you die? I was sure about that! Here are the ten tips to become a good submariner


  1. Crash Diving is cool. Make sure you close the hatch first
  2. The lighter your submarine is, the faster you go. blow completely your ballasts to get the max surface speed
  3. To level your submarine, you need 150.25m3 of water in your ballast. Common practice is to have your two main full (2x 75m3), then and set the negative ballast to 0.25
  4. Some Merchants are armed. Sinking escort doesn’t mean you can surface and shoot everything
  5. The fastest way to dive is to leave the top hatch open.
  6. The rear tube is useful to sink escort. Evade full speed, putting the escort in your 180°. When it is close and aligned, fire your rear tube and enjoy the show. If it fails, crash dive and turn to avoid getting rammed
  7. Always keep an eye on your depth meter
  8. Always remember to refill your batteries AND compressed air when you surface
  9. It is a coop game – get the best experience by joining players online on Discord– Don’t be shy, the community is really nice
  10. TDC settings need a bit of practice. don’t be discouraged if you fail your first attack!

Future Developments


The game is in early access and the two developers are still working full speed on the project. Future features have already been announced. As always with early access releases, you may come across some bugs – don’t get frustrated and report them back to the team. But as my personal experience goes, this is a very solid release!

My Two More Cents… 

Although not a submarine expert, I’ve spent a lot of time playing submarine simulators. I can’t recall playing a single game of Silent Hunter without thinking “Hey, that game would be great in Multiplayer“. Today I am happy I was able to do that.

I have been impressed by what a two-man team could achieve. While there are many features to be added, it is already playable with a good share of equipment functional. Graphics are great and immersive and will place you straight back in the Das Boot classic movie. They were able to render the warmth of a nice sunset, and the cold of a rainy sea – Overall, It transpires some serious attention to detail that not everyone put into their game.
While gameplay may get repetitive fast, the multiplayer aspect and random conditions makes it a new experience everytime.

I miss being able to walk thru the complete submarine – yet I can understand the decision to not include some sections of the submarine that wouldn’t really add gameplay, but seriously multiplicate the team workload.

Overall, it has been a really refreshing experience with a simulator, and I can’t wait to see how late war equipments will impact the multicrew gameplay

Thank you!

Community & Links


Wolfpack Discord – Interact with the dev team, find new players, rooms for voices comms, team recruiting and much more!


Steam Store Page
Wolfpack Manual – The #1 place for everything naval game related – and one of the inspiration behind 2MW

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