One of the key player in the flight simulation industry, Aerosoft, announced their own simulator. After developing and editing many “World of Aircraft” will be a collection of mini-simulator covering a specific aspect of flying. Their first episode, scheduled for this year, will cover the glider segment. Although the name sounds the same than a lot of arcade games, it may just rival with Condor 2, which just hit the market.


Aerosoft was founded in 1991 in Germany, near Paderborn Airport. Initially targeting the pilot training sector, they shifted to addon production for the Flight Simulator series. In 1992, their first addon hit the market, it was a scenery for FS4. They quickly expanded with aircraft design, hardware production, and multiplicated partnership until they became a leading developer and publisher. Many big names such PMDG, 777, Wilco… have worked or is working with Aerosoft.

Nowadays, Aerosoft has one of the largest portfolio of simulator products ranging from flight sim products, to subway simulators. But while being one of the leader in the addons domain, they have not produced their own sim yet. Until now.


World of Aircraft : Glider Simulator

World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator will be their first stand alone game of the series. While not intented to rival with X-plane or P3D, the target is to bring an affordable virtual gliding experience to potential new players.
With 4 gliders and a tow plane, you will be able to fly thru a 50x50km area around the Herrenteich Airfield in Germany. (EDEH) While it sounds small, it is intended to be high resolution, with thousands of objects and detailed mesh. Aerosoft has quite some years of experience in scenery!

Multiplayer is announced but will limited to 4 players.

Development is at this moment ongoing and on schedule for a release later this year. The images shown below are from a very early beta where about anything will still be worked ar. The aircraft are not correctly shaded, terrain textures will still be replaced, cockpits worked on etc etc. They are just provided so you can get an idea on the product. Expect more information and images as the project progresses.

The new simulator will include the following aircrafts:

  • Dimona H36 (motor glider)
  • Schleicher ASK21 (glider)
  • Schleicher ASK21Mi (glider with aux engine)
  • L-13 Blanik (glider)
  • Wilga PZL-104 (two plane)

The game is announced for this year.

Growing the customer base

The civilian flight simulation is a rude world, ruled by two clans:  the Flight Simulator triade (FSX-FSW-P3D) and X-Plane. Some are trying to grasp some of the market, like the Aerofly series, but the market is tough and the customers even more.
“It is in no way intended to compete with X-Plane or P3D as it is not expandable, low cost (around 20 euro/dollar) and limited in content.”

GliderWith that in mind, Aerosoft strategy makes sense. It is just brilliant, to be honest. It would take many years of development to make a product which may just not compete with the current market leaders.  By developing a series of entry level, affordable simulators, Aerosoft will bring fresh players into flight sim’ing, whose may eventually buy X-plane or FSX/P3D later. Even if they buy these products…. They remain potential customers for Aerosoft and its impressive addon collection!



While Aerosoft new simulator will not change the world for flight sim players, it may be a great opportunity for potential new players to jump aboard the flight sim community!



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