Cornered Rat Software released patch 1.35.12 for the MMOFPS :  WW2 Online. The Patch fixes a few things, but also introduce new content. Combat Support vehicles are introduced. Using the same chassis than their tank counterpart, they uses bigger canons to fire artillery shells. Also, two new fighter-bombers are introduced. Finally, the italians troops makes their first appareance embeeded in german troops.

More information in the changelog below

Meanwhile, Campaign 152 is running in its 24th day of battle. With a stable, slight territory advantage for the allied forces (60% of towns), the frontline has stabilized in Belgium. American forces also joined the fight.



New Content

  • For Fighter-Bombers we see the introduction of the Hurricane Mk IIb “Hurribomber” for both the British and French air forces. It will carry two 250lb GP Bombs and ten .303 Machine Guns. The German air force will get the Bf 109E-4/B (Jabo) which will carry a single SC250 250kg Bomb and its standard armament of two 7.9mm Machine Guns and two 20mm Cannons.
  • Close Support (CS) Tanks will include the Crusader II CS and Matilda II CS for the British ground forces. CS tank armament will include High Explosive (HE) and Smoke rounds along with their standard machine guns. The German forces, while not specifically CS tanks, will receive Smoke rounds for both the PzIVD and StuG III B tanks.
  • The British ground forces will be receiving an upgrade to the Vickers light tank series which will be the Vickers Mk VIC. It has an upgraded primary weapon, the 15mm BESA heavy Machine Gun.
  • The Italians will be joining the German ground forces. They will constitute of the Carcano Rifleman and the Beretta Submachine Gunner, which will have standard infantry loadouts made up of other German gear.
  • The 250 Hispana Squad Decal has been added for recognition of their support in the 2017 fundraiser
  • New Builder, Volunteer, and Rat Decals have been added


New Commands

Joining another player’s mission will now be much easier than it used to be. With the addition of the .join <player name> (or .j) command, players that are not spawned into the game will be able to quickly join another mission without the need to navigate through the Graphical User Interface.

Usage examples:

  • .join xoom
  • .j xoom


Bug fixes

  • Locked the bailout, build PPO, confirm box, despawn, and quit windows so that they are not able to be moved on the screen
  • The HC Manual, in game, has been updated with missing commands
  • Alt+Tab was broken a few patches ago and should now work better than it was
  • Chinese Graphical User Interface text has been updated to add missing text
  • Updates the UK SMG Thompson spelling and French Grenadier weapon name
  • Updates the gunsights for the Pak36, 17-pdr, and M4A3.
  • Mission points for Capture, Destroy AI, Infantry Resupplier, Destroy FMS, Repair Bridge, Damage Bridge, Damage Factory, and Damage FB are now configurable by the Game Managers
  • Updates the capture timers for campaign 152
  • Fixes the way balancing capture timers work
  • Bunkers have been updated to only be capturable from within the radio room
  • The Credits have been updated to reflect CRS team changes
  • An ongoing task is to ensure World War II Online is available to as many players as possible in their native language, the Game UI etc, has multi-lingual capability. This is continuously being updated as the game evolves.


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